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Welcome fellow Zennies!
We are excited that you are interested in starting a Zenfolio Meetup group in your area.  Below you will find resources for getting started as well as materials to use at your meetings.

Not interested in starting your own group? Use our Meetup Directory to find one in your area.

Before starting your Meetup group, you need to get the word out. Read our comprehensive Getting Started Guide below that points out tips on where and when to hold meetings and how to recruit photographers. It even includes a getting started checklist and a way to acquire a pre-made flyer for easy promotion.  

Whether you are a born educator or not, we have created an entire curriculum for you to structure your Meetups.


The Curriculum consists of 15 lessons to guide you through every aspect of the business of photography, from best practices to examples to discussion questions. Lasting roughly an hour to an hour and a half for each lesson, you can efficiently structure each Meetup event.

Lesson subjects include:

  • A variety of business-related photography topics
  • Shooting challenges
  • A scavenger hunt group activity
  • An optional photo contest

We hope that you and your Meetup members find the materials engaging and helpful as photographers and professionals.

Curriculum Index (PDF lesson plans)

Lesson 1: Group Scavenger Hunt Challenge (PDF)

Lesson 2: Creating a plan for your business (PDF)

Lesson 3: Branding (PDF)

Lesson 4: Customization (PDF)

Lesson 5: Spring/Macro group shoot challenge (PDF)

Lesson 6: Marketing to reach potential clients (PDF)

Lesson 7: SEO (PDF)

Lesson 8: Portraits group shoot challenge (PDF)

Lesson 9: Selling and Beyond (PDF)

Lesson 10: Marketing to boost sales (PDF)

Lesson 11: Fall/Composition group shoot challenge (PDF)

Lesson 12: Protecting your work online (PDF)

Lesson 13: Using a blog with your website (PDF)

Lesson 14: Using videos and slideshows (PDF)

Lesson 15: Photo contest challenge (PDF)

Photo Contest:

Participation in the annual photo contest is optional but we encourage Meetups groups to put their best images to the test. To enter the contest please send a gallery link to marketing@zenfolio.com before the posted deadline. Please see Lesson 15 for more details. 

  • Entry Deadline: November 7, 2014
  • Judging: November 8 - 14, 2014
  • Winners Announced: November 17, 2014


For any questions, please contact us at any time.