ZenBlog | Holiday Custom Headers


During the holiday shopping season you'll want to remind your visitors to buy as many times as possible. A gorgeous custom header is a great way to make this reminder visible on all pages of your website.

  1. Decide - What do you want to promote in your custom header, and what do you want to link to when people click?
  2. Create - Most impactful headers are graphical, so we recommend creating an image or a set of images to use for this part of your website. The size of the graphic depends on your page layout, but we've found a 1024 x 159 graphic works well on most sites.
  3. Publish - Your custom header is added under the LAYOUT Tab in Customize Visitor View. Instructions are always available in our Support Center.

Content for your headers is completely up to you. As it still is the header for your every page on your website, we recommend including your logo/branding, and having some sort of a call to action that will encourage people to click. Here are some content ideas:

Book your holiday portrait session.

When: August - September

Why: Great reminder that it's time to get those holiday portraits ready for holiday cards.

What: Offer a discounted mini session, or some sort of incentive to book as soon as they see the banner.

Where: Have this click through to your booking calendar or contact page.


Get your holiday cards.

When: October - Mid-November

Why: Great reminder that you offer beautiful holiday cards through your online store. (Don't forget to add greeting cards to your price lists)

What: Showcase some of the greeting card designs you offer.

Where: Have this click through to your client access page or custom page showcasing your holiday gift guide.


Holiday Gift Ideas.

When: Mid-November - Early December

Why: Great reminder that photo gifts are much better than anything you can buy off the store shelf. 

What: Showcase some of the gifts and products you offer for sale. (Don't forget to add everything you show to your price lists)

Where: Have this click through to your client access page or custom page showcasing your holiday gift guide.


Shipping Deadlines.

When: In December timed with the holiday shipping deadlines

Why: Create a bit of time pressure for their holiday shopping.

What: Showcase two banners: "Hurry, order today" type header with a regular shipping deadline and a "It's not too late" header showcasing the deadline for next-day delivery.

Where: Have this click through to your client access page or custom page showcasing your holiday gift guide.