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Stunning New Templates for Fresh New Look

August 02, 2017  •  27 Comments


Pick one of three new presets–available now!


There’s no better time to freshen up your site with a new look & feel that’ll make your visitors say ‘WOW!’. Choose one of three new presets–Rosenvelt, Ezra, or Winston–to give your photography website a stunning refresh in minutes.



Rosenvelt exudes a classic and effortless feel with a thoughtfully placed floating navigation menu and full-screen horizontal gallery that features a super smooth slider experience. Keep your visitors engaged from the moment they land on your site by filling your homepage gallery with timeless B&W images, or curate a gorgeous set with complementary colors to make scrolling through your slideshow visually exciting.


Click to view sample site.



Ezra’s gallery slideshow let’s your photography be the star of the show with plenty of white space beautifully enveloping your image. Showcase your best work and give each of your photos their unique moment to shine. Set it up as an automatic slideshow or allow your visitors the option to scroll through your curated images one-by-one to reveal your photography style.


Click to view sample site.



Feeling social? Winston showcases an Instagram-esque grid layout on the homepage. Grid layouts are an effective way to showcase many images in a quick glance, getting your viewers familiar with your style in one go without relying on a slideshow. All you need to do is upload your curated photos in your homepage gallery after you apply the preset.


Click to view sample site.

Want more? Build a site you love with an additional 9 preset options available for you to pick from. Want a welcome message on your homepage, we’ve got a preset for you. Want a super clean, minimalist site, we’ve got a preset for you. You can easily access all 12 options in two clicks from your Dashboard. All presets have been refreshed to include new font and color combinations that reflect an overarching modern look with clean gallery layouts. Finally, don’t forget that you can set how you want your site to display on mobile devices by toggling back and forth between desktop and thumb-friendly mobile site views. If you sell, it is highly recommended to keep your Mobile Site enabled for the best client shopping experience.


Easy How-To: It only takes two clicks to access your Site Preset options: (1) click “Customize Site” from your Dashboard, and then (2) click “Site Preset” at the bottom left corner. It’s that easy!


Thanks everyone for the comments, we appreciate them and are listening!

For those with specific questions, our support team has reached out personally to address these and continue to gather valuable feedback.

Regarding the new presets, these can definitely be used by landscape and fine art photographers. In fact, we even dedicated a recent YouTube Live session to exactly this topic! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2fUFfb0

For any follow-up questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch with our awesome support team at http://bit.ly/1QcygBB and they’ll be more than happy to help out.

Barbara R Jones(non-registered)
Like everyone else commenting below, nothing new here Zenfolio, and Charles says it all. Custom ordering pages would be amazing and it would bypass the awful "New Shopping Experience" which is a HUGE let down.
The photographer interface is great and easy to use. But the client galleries are supremely unintuitive . I spend more time walking people through how to register, favorite and download images.

Most of my clients use mobile devices. They end up sending me screen caps because the mobile web site sucks and the mobile apps are a joke.

If 50% or more of my clients can't figure it out without a self-authored tutorial, something is really wrong with the user interface. You have to simplify this, I have no free time left to continue being a software trainer for Zenfolio or to try to match mobile screen caps without the file names included to the original images.

Thank you
Twisted Root(non-registered)
I have been a long time user of Zenfolio. It seems that lately the emphasis has been placed on selling tools. Not that I don't mind adding to my bottom line but, I need a better way to manage my website. Thankfully I have an in house geek who is able to help me write code and make the adjustments needed.

A few things that still need to be addressed, even after writing code.
1. Fonts...the limitation of fonts is past annoying, I want to brand my entire website with my front, but it is not applicable across platforms. If someone is looking at my website using a MAC they will see the font, but not other platform will show it, the font is overridden.

2. Aspect ratios, just like every landscape photographer has stated, one size (or a few sizes) does not fit all.

3. If you are going to be updating the selling tools, I want to be able to update from my print house and not the few selected you offer, because we all know you must be getting some kind of kick back for using only the few. I have emailed requesting that my print house be added, but I have yet to receive response, 3 months later.

4. If you insist on only using your print houses for selling tools I want the option of shutting it all off or a way to link to my own vendors.

Thanks for listening! (I hope)
Benjamin Houston(non-registered)
I completely agree with Charles, the system is flawed.

My whole business would change overnight if they stopped asking me to crop my images!!

Please Zenfolio....Please?
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