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New Shopping Experience Update: Multi-Image Products in Quick Shop

April 12, 2017  •  7 Comments

Multi Image Products (Header)Multi Image Products (Header)

The New Shopping Experience continues to roll out with valuable improvements that make it easier for your clients to buy prints and products from you.

Feature any products you want to sell in Quick Shop! Now, in addition to single-image products, you can give instant visibility to multi-image products (collages, photo books, and calendars) and packages in the Quick Shop sidebar.




Add multi-image products to your Featured Products list in Price List Settings and those items will appear in the Quick Shop sidebar. This support article shows you how to add Featured Products to your price lists.

To enable the New Shopping Experience for your clients, simply log in to your Zenfolio account and from the Dashboard, click Turn On in the Zenbar located at the top of your screen.

Learn More in the New Shopping Experience FAQ.


Hi Pixstel,
Yes - these features were added to the New Shopping Experience as part of last week's release.
Thanks for the info Zenblog ... can you reassure us that these options will be available before the new shopping experience is made mandatory?
Hi Pixstel - thanks for your feedback.
Our developers are currently working on updates to allow you to select to display your choice of: 1) Quick Shop + Shop, 2) Quick shop only, 3) Shop only.
Stay tuned to our blog for further updates!
I have just moved to Zenfolio, and spent a month uploading and organising images. Now, just as I'm about to go live I discover that the quick shop is going to be imposed on me.

For my clients, information about the image and the keywords used is important - a list of products isn't. Quick shop will certainly suit some business models - maybe most. But not all. We should be allowed to choose whether we want Quick Shop or not.
Matt Payne(non-registered)
This new system is STILL not working correctly.
The "back to gallery" link goes to en.zenfoliio.com not my website
The layout when you click "buy" is totally unacceptable as compared to how I have the site designed.

Please don't force us to use something that's broken.
No comments posted.




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