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New Pre-Filled Packages. A Smart and Easy Way to Maximize Sales

February 02, 2017  •  7 Comments

Prefilled Packages (Blog Header & DN)Prefilled Packages (Blog Header & DN)

Packages are a smart way to sell more products to your clients. You benefit from selling more units, and your clients appreciate the cost savings. Though you can currently build your own packages on the Zenfolio platform, we’ve made it even easier for you to get started. Introducing Pre-Filled Packages. There are four different package levels—Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze—each pre-populated with the most popular products. You can customize each package to include partner-lab fulfilled, self-fulfilled, and digital download products, and they can be created for single or multiple photographs. By offering packages, you can increase your average order size, and your customers will appreciate buying products for less than the cost of buying them individually.


Who are Pre-Filled Packages for?

  • Pre-Filled Packages are for photographers with selling accounts (Pro & Advanced), who have clients in the U.S. (Pre-Filled Package pricing is in U.S. dollars), and have never created packages before.

  • If you’re a photographer outside of the US and are interested in setting up packages, follow these easy steps.

How it works

  • If you’ve never offered packages, then the four new Pre-Filled Packages will automatically appear in your account, ready to review. You can find them by going to your Dashboard, navigating to Selling, and then clicking on Packages.

  • You can leave each package as is or customize each to suit your needs. You can change the name, retail price, add and delete items, and change product quantities.  

  • After you’ve customized and saved your changes, assign the packages to a price list so your clients can see them. Until you add them to a price list, your packages are not visible to your clients.

  • To add Pre-Filled Packages to a price list, follow the steps in this support article.


Already have packages?

  • If you've already created packages, then the four new packages will not appear in your account.


Plat PackagePlat Package

Note: Products in the Platinum Package are from multiple labs which may cause the order to be split into multiple orders. Orders split into multiple orders will require the client to pay separate shipping costs for each portion of the split order.


Gold PackageGold Package

Silver PkgSilver Pkg

Bronze PkgBronze Pkg


Add these new Pre-Filled Packages to your pricelist and start maximizing your sales today. For more information about packages, check out this handy support article.


I'm waiting and hoping the volume discount will happen this year (2017).
Zenfolio,, any update as to the status of when this option will be available?
I too feel this option is a must in today's society. No one wants keychains and magnets in packages anymore. I know, that was just an example.
Thank you everyone for the comments and suggestions!

Steve: Our support team has followed up with you directly.

Henning: This is something we're looking to implement for other regions later in the first half of this year. In the meantime you can always add your package from the list of products available to you. Go to your Dashboard --> Selling --> Packages --> Create Package, then add it to your price list.

Mark & Freya: Yes, this is a great suggestion and would be a welcome feature. It's something we're planning on implementing later this year. :-)

Emily: Yes, although this is a little more work than automatic discounts by volume, this is the best currently way to offer a discount once a set order value has been met.
Zenfolio offers coupons with the ability to set a minimum order amount. I think this would accomplish what you're describing.
Freya Szeremet(non-registered)
Yes. I second on volume discounts ShootProof offers. It is automatic and no need to enter codes. I have always had issues with customers wanting substitution for packages and it gets complicated. I would rather see the automatic volume discounts as an option than packages.
Mark Tassoni(non-registered)
Personally, packages put a client in a position to buy some items they might not want ust so they can get a deal.

Shootproof offers automatic volume discounting at the cart level. IMHO, this is the best way to go.

Your clients get exactly what they want and if they spend xxxx, they'll get a discount.

Seriously. You should offer this option.
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