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The Lowdown on Photo Downloading

October 03, 2017  •  9 Comments


If you allow visitors and clients to download photos from your Zenfolio site, then we’ve got some great news. We’ve improved the way your clients download large numbers of photos, all at once, from your website.


When downloading multiple photos, they will be bundled together into one Zip file. When the download is ready, your client will receive an email with the link (or links) through which the images can be downloaded. Because of this, the system now requests an email address when the client initiates a download from your site for multiple photos. The email address is used only for sending them the requested images, and not for any other purposes.


With this improved process, your clients don’t need to wait by their computers during the download. This change is great for clients with slow or erratic internet connections and assures they receive their downloads with fewer chances of errors and failures.


These changes apply to multi-image downloads only— single image downloads are not changing. The improved download process currently applies to gallery downloads, and will be implemented for digital order downloads by the end of October.


This support article provides more information about the new download process.


Jc Olivera(non-registered)
Ok, this system is not working for my clients, - I've been using WeTransfer to send the images to my clients since this change happened and when they need to get the images right away.

I've been a Zen user since 2011 and this change is another step to make my clients life not easy 'most of them are not tech-savvy or they have their assistants download the content.

- I found a workaround this issue:

A) I go to the gallery and select all the images and I send them to myself, - When I receive the email, I'll have a link with the zip file and after that:

B) I create an email with the option to see their gallery by giving them the gallery link and if they want to download, then I add the 'download zip link' below the gallery link, this way they don't have to figure it out and they can get the (all the images) right away.

C) if they want to download individual or not all images then they can do it on their own.

Hope it helps!
Thank you ALL for your comments and feedback regarding the new download process.

Our developers have been listening and carefully considering all of our customers' feedback.

We do have plans to update the download process so that an email address is not absolutely required. We do not yet have any estimate for when this will be implemented, but it is in progress!

We appreciate all of your suggestions and welcome your feedback.
This is not working out so well for my clients. They are expecting an immediate download, even if they have to leave the browser open while it downloads. They aren't expecting me to send them a link, click select photos, click download and then click another url to download pics when the email finally comes.

I've also had some clients tell me the message says they can't send the images are locked even when the download toggle is set to "allowed."
Rob Anderson(non-registered)
Agree with Charles,
I was given no notice of the change until a client complained to me.
The delay in an email with a link being sent to my clients with the prepared Zip files frustrating.
This process creates an unnecessary step in the process. I've had multiple clients complain saying either "why do you need my email, you already have it, or why does your hosting company want my email" thinking they will start receiving emails from Zen. Furthermore, I've had three clients who have not been able to download the zip for whatever reason forcing me to put the files on Dropbox. The notion that this is good for the client does not make sense. You don't have to wait by a computer as stated in this blog and they would still have to click a link and download on the same "erratic internet connection" mentioned above. I've been with Zen since 2008, but this year will be my last since I'm already having to use another service as a workaround for clients paying for digital files.
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