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New! Add Free Pre-Selected Products to Your Packages

August 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

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Instantly enhance the value of your packages by adding a free pre-selected product within the same gallery! Zenfolio Advanced Plan holders can use this feature to take their selling power to the next level. As a photographer, you may want to offer an incentive for your clients to buy packages by offering a pre-selected product (as a bonus) with the package. You choose what photo and product (or products) you will offer in advance. For example, if you are a school photographer, you may want to offer a free group class photo with your package. This feature enables you to do just that.


  • Add pre-selected products to both single-image and multi-image packages

  • Offer any product that is a part of the current package

  • Offer as many products as there are in the current package

  • Offer unlimited units of the free product


You can add a pre-selected product to a package in three steps within your Zenfolio account dashboard:


  1. Go to Selling > Packages > pick one of your existing packages > select the product you want to offer a pre-selected bonus for.

  2. Designate the pre-selected product that will be used with the pre-selected photo by attaching a keyword tag--use the default “preselected,” or create a custom tag.

  3. Use the same keyword, or custom tag, to designate the pre-selected photo to the product you are offering as a bonus.


And voila! Your client will see the free product (say, a 8x10 group class photo) when they view the package. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out the Zenfolio Support Center page here.


This exclusive selling feature is one of many tools in Zenfolio’s Advanced Plan. If you have a Starter or Pro Plan, log into your account and upgrade today to take advantage of all of the perks that come with the Advanced Plan!

Happy Selling!


We don't use packages, because customers find them complicated and confusing. Can we offer a free print with purchases at certain dollar levels? That's what we do in the studio and it works great. We'd like to do that on the web galleries as well, if this feature is available.
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