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New! Enroll in Zenfolio-Run Client Sales

April 11, 2016  •  9 Comments


Let Zenfolio market your business for major holidays. Enroll now and a few times per year we’ll promote your photography to your clients. We’ll send them enticing offers to help you sell more prints and products. Enroll today and watch your sales grow!

Learn how it works by visiting our Support Center.


Zen Master Shanna(non-registered)
If you have questions about your account , please contact Zenfolio Customer Support for help. Here is our contact page Thanks !
Robert Morse(non-registered)
I want to print from my printer can I do that using my Zenfolio website
My question is why this featured campaign targets only those Contacts in my list who have already purchased photos or chosen favorites? That's less than 5% of my registered contacts. I don't see the point in mailing a bride who has already made her purchase with a coupon several times a year to buy something she already has. Wouldn't it be better to mail the 95% of my contacts who have visited and given their email, and offer them an incentive to buy the pictures from the galleries they signed in to view? That would be the value-add marketing service I would like to see.

Definitely would need to preview, and approve and opt-in to the actual email blast being sent out in my name, regardless. Cannot condone you emailing anything from me without my review and approval, not just consent. Some relationships are too important to be automated.
What about commercial photographers?(non-registered)
Some of us don't want to sell prints or products, but want to get in front of our clients more often.
Thank you,
I'd really appreciate more description of this feature, and some examples of what will be sent. Please allow us to send ourselves a preview email.
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