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Promote Your Business with a Cell Phone Case and Save

November 30, 2016  •  5 Comments

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Our new high-quality cell phone cases are not just a popular photo product for your clients—they’re also a high-impact marketing tool for your photography business. With valuable advertising space right on the case, you can display your photos, add your business name and logo, and you’ve got a stylish billboard that goes where you go.


Now, from December 8, 2016 to January 8, 2017, US-based Zenfolio members can save $5 off base lab prices on any Zenfolio Phone Cases US purchase. Order one for you, your studio staff, and as a product sample to show your customers.


You can also extend this savings to your clients! Encourage them to order before December 18 to get the case by Christmas, or they can purchase one as a post-holiday accessory for their new smartphone.


1. Add the Zenfolio Phone Cases US products to your price lists.

2. Create a $5.00 coupon for your clients to redeem.*


Zenfolio Phone Cases US are made using the highest quality materials, inks, coatings, and decoration processes available, and are backed by a lifetime warranty that covers defects/product failure. Learn more about Zenfolio Phone Cases US.


Grab the attention of potential clients today!


*If you create a coupon for your clients to redeem, the $5.00 discount will apply to all photo products you currently sell.



Kadir Ayoob(non-registered)
I thinks 5$ less is not a big enough in the payment of 100 s of dollar.
Hi folks, thanks for your thoughts on our $5.00 cell phone case promotion. You are correct, and we’ve updated the blog to address this issue.

To confirm, if you extend the $5.00 off savings to your clients by creating a coupon for them to redeem, that $5.00 will apply to all items that you sell. We currently don’t have the ability to limit coupon codes to specific items, but we hear you, and certainly understand the appeal of this functionality. We continue to improve the platform, and have this enhancement in our plans for 2017.

Thanks for your feedback and happy holidays!
With shootproof I think you can apply coupons to specific products. Zenfolio needs to catch up. Also how nice of them to ask me to give my clients $5 off from my profit instead of their own.
William Wensel(non-registered)
How do you promote giving a $5 off on Cell Phones and not give an option to limit the coupon to just cell phones?
David Pickering(non-registered)
Too bad you can't restrict the coupon to cell phone cases.
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