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Optimized Shop Home in the New Shopping Experience

November 17, 2016  •  2 Comments

Shopping-Update-HeaderShopping-Update-HeaderNew Shopping Experience - Update to Shop Home Page

The New Shopping Experience delivers better selling features for you and a more intuitive browsing and buying experience for your clients. Two updates to share:


  1. With a focus on showcasing what you sell, the Shop Home page has been optimized to shorten your client’s path to purchase by listing sub-categories within each category. This update to your Shop Home page makes it even easier for your clients to hone in and quickly make a purchase.

  2. Based on photographer feedback, we’ve removed the client photo behind the packages. This makes the packages section easier to shop with a cleaner look and feel.


Driven by your feedback, e-commerce, and marketing best practices, we are progressively rolling out updates in phases. The New Shopping Experience is available to turn on for all Zenfolio accounts in all regions--take advantage of it today!


For more details and frequently asked questions regarding the New Shopping Experience, click here.


Hi Patrice,

Thank you for your feedback! As requested, here is a link to a live demo site of the new shopping experience: http://www.whitegoldphotography.com/shop-demo

While the simple list option was not a part of the initial rollout of the New Shopping Experience, we are pleased to announce that this has now been added alongside the option to display products in categories.

Happy selling!
Please post a link to see it live. The new shopping cart has been breaking formatting and seemsinly, these rollouts have not been beta tested, so I would really like to see examples with various Zen templates before making it live.

Also, the category based list needs to be an option, not a mandate.

Category based lists caused more confusion for my clients, and I abandoned them years ago..

A confused mind always says "NO' , and abandons the procss.

I would like to continue using a short list with eight or fewer options, including prints and wall art on that one list. Forcing the use of categories requires more decisions, selections clicks and thinking- it is not streamlined, but a barrier to sales.

Please create a list-based option.
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