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Zenfolio Website Update

September 28, 2015  •  6 Comments

Dear Zenfolio Community, 


We have had several site outages in the past week linked to one of our database servers. We took the site down on Saturday to upgrade the server. The site was fully functional after that, but today, we started experiencing some database server instabilities. The team is currently working on assessing and fixing the issue but we don’t have the final assessment of the situation yet.

We know this is impacting you and your business and we sincerely apologize. We will let you know as soon as we know more. 



Peter Hayes

Director of Customer Support


David Fales(non-registered)
I am a prospective new customer. I was impressed by your team at NYC's PhotoPlus show.
However, seeing the site outage problems, above, , I'm concerned, and the most recent update I see above is from 10 days ago.
What is the situation as of today, 10/31/15 ?
Stephen King(non-registered)
So it's been a good 2 weeks of a mostly unusable site. Sure hope there are going to be some credits going out to your paying customers! : /
Taposy Rabeya(non-registered)
A truly magical experience you have shown in post! Thanks a lot.
this is completely UNACCEPTABLE!! my clients can't access the galleries, or get back to see the favorites folder. Why in the world would you choose THIS time of the year to make IMPROVEMENTS ... which is such a joke because the site is unaccessible! This is a shameful decision on the part of management . I am beyond embarrassed apologizing to my clients!! I am tired of the "hanging in there" Just make the site usable!!! I ditto everything Ant Motton commented on.
Peter Hayes(non-registered)
We sincerely value your business and appreciate your patience as we work to prove to all our customers that the recent issues were an anomaly (aside from the recent issues, Zenfolio has provides a 99.9% uptime service) and that we are fully dedicated to preventing any further interruptions to service.

In addition to significant investing in infrastructure improvements, we will be implementing a system status page and starting a series of ‘Town Hall’ style meetings. Our first will happen Tuesday October 13th at noon PDT and will cover the new features released and the recent service stability issues. Reserve your seat today:

I hope these steps will help convince you to hang in there with us! Again we sincerely apologize and thank you for your patience.
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