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Holiday Shipping Deadlines to Reduce Your Seasonal Stress

October 16, 2015  •  3 Comments

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The holiday season will be here in the blink of an eye—don’t get caught stressing over getting your holiday cards and gifts purchased and mailed on time! The best way for you and your customers to avoid the dreaded time crunch is to plan ahead. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of holiday shipping dates for our partners to help you prepare and enjoy a less stressful season.

*Please note that not all labs are available at all plan levels.


Requesting Changes and Cancellations

Our partner labs have the best turnaround times in the industry while maintaining consistent print quality. They work extra hard to keep up this reputation during the holiday season—often printing, packaging, and shipping an order the same day it is placed. This means that any request for changes needs to be sent within minutes of placing an order or it might not be caught in time.


Approving Orders

Enabling Order Approval in your price list allows you to review orders and make changes before the orders are sent for printing, but it also delays sending the orders to the lab. Orders are not submitted for printing until you approve them. With this in mind, be sure to review and approve all orders as quickly as possible.


A Tip for Peace of Mind

During the holiday season, USPS is not as dependable, and some packages cannot be tracked. Encourage your clients to select a carrier such as FedEx.


Shipping Deadlines

For your convenience, we have gathered a list of recommended deadline dates and tips for each of our integrated vendors. Please keep in mind that your orders must be placed and approved before the cutoff dates in order to be delivered in time for the holiday.


Pikto is the premier Canadian lab. It sources the best papers, inks, and printers to meet every photographer's high expectations. Pikto offers a wide variety of products, including photo books, prints, canvas wraps, mounting and framing. 


Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
Prints Expedited (1-7) 9/29/2015 12/14/2015 11/24/2015 12/17/2015
Giclees Expedited (1-7) 9/29/2015 12/14/2015 11/24/2015 12/17/2015
Mounting Expedited (1-7) 9/23/2015 12/8/2015 11/18/2015 12/14/2015


Mpix, a division of Miller’s Professional Imaging, delivers professional quality prints using only the best materials and packaging. MpixPro offers a variety of high-end products such as photo books, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, and calendars. To add an elegant touch to your clients’ holiday orders, we recommend choosing MpixPro’s Boutique Packaging shipping method (available for Premium Business and Advanced users only). 



Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
Prints First Class 11/17/2015 12/10/2015 11/27/2015 12/17/2015
Prints Priority 11/20/2015 12/17/2015 11/30/2015 12/24/2015
Prints FedEx 11/23/2015 12/21/2015 12/3/2015 12/26/2015
Frames First Class - - - -
Frames Priority 11/18/2015 12/16/2015 11/27/2015 12/22/2015
Frames FedEx 11/20/2015 12/20/2015 11/29/2015 12/23/2015
Specific Products First Class - - - -
Specific Products Priority 11/18/2015 12/16/2015 11/27/2015 12/22/2015
Specific Products FedEx 11/20/2015 12/20/2015 11/30/2015 12/23/2015


ivoke™ makes innovative, personalized products from your digital images ranging from high end, custom aluminum panels and iPhone cases to basics like mugs, mouse pads, and coasters.


Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
All Next Day 11/18/2015 12/16/2015 11/18/2015 12/23/2015
All Two Day 11/17/2015 12/15/2015 11/17/2015 12/22/2015
All Three Day 11/16/2015 12/14/2015 11/16/2015 12/21/2015
All Ground 11/12/2015 12/10/2015 11/12/2015 12/17/2015
All SmartPost 11/5/2015 12/3/2015 11/5/2015 12/10/2015
All USPS Priority 11/17/2015 12/15/2015 11/17/2015 12/22/2015
All USPS Priority Int'l 11/5/2015 12/3/2015 11/5/2015 12/10/2015


Imagine Your Photos offers a wide range of unique photo products from mouse pads and coasters to mugs, shirts, and magnets. IYP uses the latest imaging and transfer technologies on a variety of surfaces. IYP’s unique photo products make great holiday gifts.


*These are the Christmas Day cutoffs. All other holidays are normal delivery.

Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
All International Orders (includes Canada and Puerto Rico) - 12/7/2015 - -
All Ground Service (includes USPS) within US - 12/9/2015 - -
All Two Day Delivery within US - 12/15/2015 - -
All Next Day Delivery within US - 12/16/2015 - -
All Normal Turnaround Time in Business Days - Up to 6 Business Days - -


PictureItPostage is perfect for mailing greeting cards or sending thank you cards to clients. These custom postage stamps are printed large and add a personal touch to any piece of mail. You can have your brand, portrait, or any other image placed on a US postage stamp in many denominations. 



Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
All USPS First Class within US 11/11/2015 12/8/2015 11/28/2015 12/15/2015
All USPS Priority within US 11/20/2015 12/18/2015 12/9/2015 12/23/2015
All USPS Express within US 11/21/2015 12/19/2015 12/11/2015 12/23/2015


fotoflot products are an elegant way to display photos without frames. Your clients are sure to be impressed by the innovative magnetic mounting system, which allows you to avoid glare and enables you to swap photos in seconds.


*No fotoflot production will take place between Christmas and New Year. Orders received from December 21 through January 12 will ship on January 14. All other functions (such as customer service) will be available in that time.

Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
All Shipments to addresses within the US (50 states) 11/22/2015 12/20/2015 11/29/2015 12/20/2015
All Shipments to addresses outside of the US 11/15/2015 12/13/2015 11/22/2015 12/20/2015


One Vision Imaging, based in the UK, offers a number of traditional and non-traditional gifts and products. From acrylic “ice” prints to magnetic prints and even jigsaw puzzles, there’s something for everyone on your list.


Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
Prints, Fine Art Prints, Collages Standard Delivery - 12/18/2015 - 12/18/2015
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/21/2015 12/21/2015
Courier (Europe) 12/15/2015 12/15/2015
Courier (Rest of World) 12/10/2015 12/10/2015
Framed Prints, Box Frames, Coloured Edge Blocks, Canvas Prints, Calendars Standard Delivery - 12/11/2015 - 12/11/2015
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/14/2015 12/14/2015
Courier (Europe) 12/8/2015 12/8/2015
Courier (Rest of World) 12/4/2015 12/4/2015
Mouse Mats, Jigsaws, Keyrings, Mugs, Place Mats, Coasters Standard Delivery - 12/16/2015 - 12/16/2015
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/17/2015 12/17/2015
Courier (Europe) 12/11/2015 12/11/2015
Courier (Rest of World) 12/9/2015 12/9/2015
Cards, Postcards, Invitations, Bragging Books, Photobooks Standard Delivery - 12/15/2015 - 12/15/2015
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/16/2015 12/16/2015
Courier (Europe) 12/10/2015 12/10/2015
Courier (Rest of World) 12/8/2015 12/8/2015
Acrylics, Metallica Framed Prints Standard Delivery - N/A - N/A
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/2/2015 12/2/2015
Courier (Europe) 11/26/2015 11/26/2015
Courier (Rest of World) 11/24/2015 11/24/2015


PhotoBox has state-of-the-art labs in London and Paris that deliver high-quality prints and photo products throughout Europe and around the world. PhotoBox is also an extremely eco-friendly company and is always looking for greener ways to do business.


Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
Prints, Collages, Canvas Prints, Coasters, Placemats, Mousepads, Puzzles, Stickers Standard Delivery - 12/21/2015 - 12/24/2015
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/22/2015 12/24/2015
International Airmail 12/14/2015 12/18/2015
Priority International 12/15/2015 12/19/2015
Acrylic Prints, Aluminium Mounted Prints Standard Delivery - 12/18/2015 - 12/23/2015
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/21/2015 12/23/2015
International Airmail 12/11/2015 12/17/2015
Priority International 12/14/2015 12/18/2015
Cushions Standard Delivery - 12/19/2015 - 12/23/2015
Courier / Special Delivery (UK) 12/20/2015 12/23/2015
International Airmail 12/12/2015 12/16/2015
Priority International 12/13/2015 12/7/2015


Nulab and NuShots offer Australia and New Zealand customers high-quality prints, gallery wraps, and much more. 


*Both labs will be closed from midday on December 24 and will reopen for business on January 6, 2016.


Product Type Shipping Type Thanksgiving Deadline Christmas Deadline Hannukah Deadline New Year's Deadline
Lustre Prints Aus Post - 12/16/2015 - -
Lustre Prints Courier - 12/24/2015 - -
Metalic Prints Aus Post - 12/10/2015 - -
Metalic Prints Courier - 12/16/2015 - -
Frames Aus Post - 12/2/2015 - -
Frames Courier - 12/16/2015 - -
Mounting Aus Post - 12/3/2015 - -
Mounting Courier   12/16/2015 - -
Canvas Aus Post - 12/3/2015 - -
Canvas Courier - 12/16/2015 - -
Fine Art Paper Aus Post - 12/3/2015 - -
Fine Art Paper Courier - 12/16/2015 - -
Acrylic Aus Post - 12/3/2015 - -
Acrylic Courier - 12/10/2015 - -



According to the mpix chart, "specific products" have different shipping deadlines. That's an incredibly vague description of, well... nothing actually. What are "specific products"? Are we to assume that means everything other than prints and frames? Who writes this stuff?
Vicki Leonardo(non-registered)
What about flat greeting cards? How long do they take to ship once you place an order? Specifically with Mpix.
Taposy Rabeya(non-registered)
The last one needs to be a superhero.
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