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Day in the Life of a Zenfolio Engineer

November 05, 2014  •  2 Comments

Unlike many of the others here at Zenfolio, you’ve never spoken with or seen me, but I’ve been here behind the scenes taking care of you. It’s not that I’m hiding, but as an engineer that’s where I work best. I’m Stephen Daugherty, and I’m a Senior Software Developer at Zenfolio and kind of a nerd—in a good way of course!

Clearly I don’t have enough cameras

I have to admit that I absolutely love programming. Growing up I knew exactly what kind of career I wanted to have before leaving elementary school. Working at Zenfolio is less a job for me and more of an avenue to exercise that passion. Projects vary from systems work, to issues trouble shooting, to developing new features and more. Whatever the task, it’s always a unique challenge for all of us on the team.

It’s easier to code with cute things around you

I’ve earned a reputation around the office as a bit of a diet soda fiend. I probably go through two liters every day and then some. Luckily, Zenfolio provides drinks in the office. There’s some friendly ribbing involved, but it’s all in good fun. Besides, everyone knows better than to get between me and my soda!

Must drink diet soda…

Outside of the office my main hobby is working on an anime and comics convention with my wife called Kraken Con. What is it? Well think of something along the lines of San Diego Comic-Con but smaller and including Japanese animation as a focus. We’ve been doing it for around a year now, and it’s already grown to almost 3,000 attendees! Check out some photos from the conventions at, and if you find yourself in the SF Bay Area in April or October we’d love it if you joined us!

The costume contest at Kraken Con

I’ve been at Zenfolio for more than two years now, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. Everyone works together to deliver the best experience for our customers, and we all support each other. Sometimes the hours get long for the developers, but it’s worth it to deliver for all our Zennies—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Henning Ras(non-registered)
Just on the Healthy side....

At nearly TWO LITRES of soda a day , you must be addictive to soda and Coke Cola...

Just add a can of Diet cola in a plate with a T-Bone steak overnight and have a look at it...
Not talking about the condition of your kidneys but the cancers you will have if not stop doing it.....
Rather drink bottled water and NOT RED BULL as it has about two and half cups of SUGAR in a tin when produced , then I do not even talk about the amount caffeine !!

Look at your health, we don't want to loose a great person like you for zennies.....

Great work you do!!

Looking forward to the next upgrade in features we will receive

Kind Regards

Henning Ras
I think "..k.ind of a nerd..." is accurate, and I see that as a great thing! Having worked with you at Zenfolio, I can honestly say you are a fountain of knowledge on all things photography, programming, and nerdiness in the best possible way. Nice blog post!
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