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Zenfolio Exclusive: BIG Sale On BIG Prints

April 19, 2013  •  28 Comments

Zenfolio Big Sale on Big Prints 22-25 April 2013

Announcing the first ever really big exclusive print sale. From midnight 22 April -- 11:59 pm 25 April (all times PST) save 50% or more on prints when ordering via your Zenfolio account. When was the last time you were able to buy a pro quality 8x10 print for only $1?

This sale is available worldwide exclusively through Zenfolio and includes rock-bottom prices from professional labs around the world including Mpix, Nulab, and One Vision Imaging. Prices vary by location (see details below) and include large prints in the following sizes: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, and 20x30.

Current Zenfolio customers, no coupon code is necessary for this sale, just login to your account and place your orders.

If you do not have a Zenfolio account you can still order by starting a free trial with Zenfolio and then:

1. Upload your photos (no software download required)

2. Select the print sizes you want

3. Place your order

We’re not sure when we will do another sale this big, so place your orders now. The sale ends at 11:59 pm on Thursday, April 25 (Pacific time). Also, please note that the base lab prices are the ones that are discounted. If you would like to offer this sale to your clients you can either create a percentage discount coupon for them to use and set the expiration date for when the sale ends, or you can manually change your prices in your price list. 

The following sizes and prices are available for orders placed in the United States via Mpix

April 2013 Really Big Sale: US Mpix prices Customers in Canada will enjoy these great prices from Mpix:

April 2013 Really Big Sale: CAN Mpix prices Customers in the UK can order One Vision Imaging products in the following prices and sizes.

April 2013 Really Big Sale: OVI GBP prices For Europe, One Vision Imaging products will be priced in Euros, as follows:

April 2013 Really Big Sale: OVI EUR prices

Australian and New Zealand customers can order through Nulab:

April 2013 Really Big Sale: Nulab AUD prices

The sale begins 22 April at midnight PST and ends 25 April at 11:59pm PST. Sale prices are for prints only (no canvas wraps, frames, or other special items) with the finishes indicated above. Sale prices apply to prints sized 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 and 20x30 only. Discount prices will be reflected once you place them in your cart for purchase. Offer only available to Zenfolio account holders and cannot be combined with any other offers.



Hi Dave, the sale ended on the 25th.
dave chapman(non-registered)
trying to complete my order but it wont give me the discount. im logged in and it still wont do it.
KRM PHOTO(non-registered)
I have products in my cart, however I am not seeing the discount pricing reflected. I am ordering 10 large prints. I don't want to miss this sale. However, I've tried several times to put new product in the cart and still do not see the sale price.
Hello @Geraldine Lefoe-You still have another seven hours for the sale so don't lose hope yet! I've forwarded your question along to our support team but I also recommend emailing support@Zenfolio.com to help resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

@Rudy Giron-I've also forwarded your name and problem along to our support team. Be sure that zenfolio.com isn't in your spam filter as that is possibly the problem.
Geraldine Lefoe(non-registered)
No discount showing up on my order and can't access current money in the account. It has taken me hours to get everything uploaded to do this order so feeling very frustrated and looks like time is just about running out ... assuming Pacific time is LA ... is there any help there?
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