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Promote Your Business with a Cell Phone Case and Save

November 30, 2016
Our new high-quality cell phone cases are not just a popular photo product for your clients—they’re also a high-impact marketing tool for your photography business. With...
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Get a New View With Drone Rentals From Lumoid

November 28, 2016
For 15% off your Lumoid rental, use code ZenLumoid15. If you’re looking for a holiday gift to remember, check out Lumoid for great gear: drones, cameras, audio equipment,...
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Maximizing Your Holiday Marketing With Animoto

November 25, 2016
You may have heard of Animoto - the video tool that is changing the game for small businesses who want to make videos to market their work but don't know where to start....
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Tips for Shooting in a Cold Climate

November 23, 2016
By Andrew Peacock A cold environment can be attractive to a photographer for all sorts of reasons, but getting the shot when it’s cold presents a set of challenges for...
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Sweet Pup Portraits with the Lensbaby Twist 60

November 19, 2016
twist 60 photo by louise zabriskie The perfect gift for the photographer with a penchant for pups, (or really, any eye-catching portraiture), Lensbaby's Twist 60 lens ca...
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