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The Power Of Three: Showing, Sharing, and Selling Videos

May 14, 2013
With digital media being the industry norm these days, many photographers choose to offer video services in addition to photography. Working with both videos and photos,...
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Photographer's Corner: Insuring success for your photography business

May 10, 2013
When you think about tools of the trade for a photographer you think of cameras, lenses, and lights. But does anyone think about insurance? While not as glamorous as a ba...
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Through the Lens: A Different Perspective on Photojournalism

May 08, 2013
Being a company that specializes in providing solutions, tools, and information for photographers we focus mainly on what happens behind the lens. This article, the secon...
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Product Spotlight: DxO Optics Pro 8

May 02, 2013
I admit it: I'm part of the horde. I, like every other photographer I've ever heard of, love getting new photo gear. New lenses, bags, even the little things like blissfu...
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Photo Assisting: Getting Schooled at the Ground Level

April 26, 2013
An Interview with Mary Beth Koeth How did you get started as a photo assistant? When I started the photography program at Miami Ad School, I remember telling myself, “Y...
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