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New! Cropper for Single Image Products

March 09, 2017  •  18 Comments



The right crop can transform an ordinary image into an extraordinary one. To help ensure that your photos are printed right the first time, we’ve introduced a new crop tool for single-image products—think prints, canvas wraps, and aluminum prints.


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Instead of the current two-step process of using the zoom tool and repositioning the image within the crop frame, the new crop tool has four draggable corners, which eliminates the need to zoom and move. Additionally, the tool limits the crop window to the image area so photos don't print with unwanted white lines. 


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Watch this video to see the new crop tool in action.

The new Image Cropping tool is available in the current and the New Shopping Experience in all markets. To turn on the New Shopping Experience in your account, click here.



I agree with the others. This new crop tool is not what we want. We have thousands of images on our website that now cannot be ordered because you've changed the rules. And no we don't want our customers cropping the images that we so carefully upload. We also sometimes use whitespace. Please bring back the old system or at least let us choose which one suits us best. We had no idea what the consequences of this new crop tool would be.
Thank you all for your feedback! The new cropping tool has been designed to help eliminate order issues related to incorrect cropping. We are aware of some instances where this new tool could be improved and always appreciate any insight or feedback. If you’d like to discuss any of your ideas or concerns with our Support team, please reach out to them at
Incredibly frustrated now that I have found out this is why I now have insufficient photo resolution for prints I had no problem with before! So, How do I get it back!!!
I don't want my clients to Crop my photos anyway. Let the photographer make the decision not you please.
16.Peggy Reynolds(non-registered)
This tool crops out important parts of my images. I make custom mats for my photos and don't need this. Why is this the only option? I can't order photos because of this. I am very disappointed .
15.Debbie Newton(non-registered)
Please bring back the zoom tool! It worked much better before. I'm now told that I 'don't have enough photo resolution' for a 20x8 panoramic photo when it's been exported from Lightroom at 20" at 300 dpi due to this new tool, whereas it was fine before. Still not sure of the size I need to export at to cover this size.

Let's let the photographers do the cropping!
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