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Try Our New Shopping Beta Experience

July 08, 2016  •  2 Comments


We are very excited to announce the beta launch of the start of a new shopping experience. Thanks to the feedback that many of you gave us over the past several months, we are redesigning the shopping experience to make it easier and more intuitive for your clients to shop for products and packages.  


Starting July 8, photographers will be able to opt in to the new shopping experience beta.


To access the beta shopping experience,

  • Log in to your Zenfolio account.
  • Click on the link in the header of your dashboard to Opt-into the new shopping experience.
  • The new shopping experience will be live to all of your clients.




The Zenfolio blog is the place for you to get the latest updates so you have the information you need to participate in the discussion. We will launch the new shopping beta experience periodically and incrementally. This means you will see the new shopping experience evolve over time, and this approach presents a great opportunity for us to interact through the process and get your feedback as we iterate.


You can also find additional information by reading our Shopping Beta FAQ.


If you find any bugs or issues, please contact support right away. We look forward to this journey together and thank you in advance for your participation and support.


Be sure to bookmark our Shopping Beta Updates blog post, where we will unveil the latest updates as they happen. 


July 22 Update: Shopping beta is paused. More details are available in this new blog post.



Norman Day(non-registered)
The shopping aspect is undoubtedly much improved. The problem is that the captions to many of my photos (but curiously not all) have turned into ghastly grey pop ups, which are not always aligned vertically below the images (some are below and to one side). To make matters worse, the popup will only display 2 lines of text - you have to click on "more" to see the rest. And below the the caption popup is a thumbnail selection panel. In addition, the top of the caption box clips the bottom of the image. Whenever the mouse is moved, the popup jumps up part-way of the image, before falling back. As I say, some of my image galleries appear not to have been affected by this "problem",, and I have contacted Zenfolio. Fortunately, everything returned to normal, when I reverted back to the original layout. My website is:
Dewayne Christensen(non-registered)
>The new shopping experience will be live to all of your clients.

I'm supposed to beta test this _on my customers_?!? NO FRICKIN' WAY!
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