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The Zenfolio Guide to Selling in 5 Easy Steps

February 01, 2016  •  1 Comment


The Zenfolio Guide to Selling in 5 Easy Steps

One of the things our customers like best about having a Zenfolio website is that we make it easy to sell your work directly through site. For a detailed explanation about how to do this, check out our Definitive Selling Webinar. For those who prefer a quick summary, we have broken down the one-hour webinar into five easy steps and included the applicable portion of the webinar for your viewing pleasure. Plus, each section is linked to articles that you can read for more details. Get ready to sell and make more money!

1. Client Access and the Buying Experience

11 In this segment, we discuss how to create a gallery ID for clients to access their photos and select their Favorites. Once clients can access their images, be sure to add a Buy button to your photos so clients can easy add them to their cart. Then you can customize how your cart looks to customers on your website.


2. Creating Your Price List and Assigning It to a Gallery

22 In this video we show how to create a price list with products from our multiple labs, set your ordering settings, and define your prices. We also show how to assign your price list to a client’s gallery with some featured products as well as how to approve orders before they are printed by the lab.


3. Approving Orders and Selling Digital Products

If you have order approval turned on you’ll need to approve them when your orders come rolling in. You also have the option of making edits to ordered photos in Lightroom before the order is sent to the lab. This section also covers how to sell digital products with usage licenses.


4. Offering Packages and Self-Fulfilled Products

Learn how to customize and offer packages. We’ll also show how to create self-fulfilled products that you, the photographer, can fulfill instead of the lab. DefinitiveSelling-4

5. How to Run a Sale on Your Site and Get Paid

This section shows how to use Zenfolio template designs to offer products like greeting cards, create gift certificates and coupons, collect sales tax or VAT, and request a payout. DefinitiveSelling-5


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