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The Secret to an Award-Winning Customer Service Team

March 23, 2015  •  5 Comments


Zenfolio has been recognized with multiple awards as of late, most recently Best Professional Product, Best Professional Website Provider and—for the first time—Best Professional Customer Service at the 2015 Societies Photographic Convention.

In addition to providing a great service for photographers, our customer support is what sets Zenfolio apart from the rest. Many companies ask the question: what is the secret to building a successful customer support team? For us, the answer is a commitment to timely responses, boatloads of photography experience and a Zen approach.


On any given day, most emails are answered within two hours, and in a recent survey, 84 percent of users reported that the customer support team resolved their issue quickly and completely in the first response, and nine of out 10 were satisfied with email response time. Zennies frequently write us to let us know how pleased they are with our customer service. One Zen user, Greg Johnstone, says, “You have the best customer support of any company that I have ever dealt with.”

“Our team, made up entirely of talented people with a passion for photography (it’s a job requirement), has the drive and expertise to help the full range of all our customers—from hobbyists to pros,” says Director of Customer Support, Peter Hayes.  “We love providing answers to all the questions that come our way, and helping people make improvements to their sites.”


When it comes to experience, our support team has it in spades. We asked each member of the Zenfolio support team how many years they have been taking pictures, and the average number was an impressive 18 years. They have an average of three years working at Zenfolio and boast a quarter of a million resolved cases and 18,000 live chats.

article-graphicarticle-graphic And with additional languages added to Zenfolio sites this year, the team is able to help people not only in English-speaking countries but all over the world.

“We are especially excited to now be able to offer support in multiple languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch), and across multiple time zones,” says Hayes. “We will continue to strive, every day, to provide the best possible support.”

Zenfolio love is meant to be shared. Read what our users have to say about us and leave your own note on our Testimonials Page


I'd always had a good impression of Zenfolio's support, but with the nearly tripling in price of the highest tier plan, the level of support at my plan has tanked. I had the highest plan, but now have been grandfathered into an apparent reduction in functionality and a level of service that lacks chatting (which I believe my level of service previously had).

And it appears that a two hour email response is a thing of the past. Zenfolio's website indicates "Most emails are answered within 4 hours".
Jill in New York(non-registered)
I was trying to change the look of my zenfolio site to match my website and discovered that it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. But the customer support rep, Robert, answered all of my questions and stuck with me until we finally got it the way I wanted it. Since I was going "outside the box" so to speak with a custom look, it was a bit difficult for me but easy for him! Done and done!!! I am a very happy Zenfolio client and have been for several years.
I had an issue yesterday about my order that at first it looked like the customer service was not going to be able to help me. I got an email this morning that they worked on it and will be able to cancel my order. I was very stressed since that was a large amount of money for me. I'm extremely happy with customer service. Very grateful that they worked hard to resolve the issue. Thank you.
Tim Orden(non-registered)
I have to say, your crew is the most "on it" bunch of peeps that I have ever encountered with online support.

I never used to think of support as being very important, but when I need it, (more often than I want to believe) you guys are there with bells on.

I've challenged the team and they come through, often times exceeding my expectations. (in spite of how grumpy I can be.)

Don't get too big and fluffy on me.

mahalo nui loa from Hawaii

Tim Orden
Allister Freeman(non-registered)
It is a fantastic service, I continue to be impressed by the level of development, loving the new app too.
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