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Introducing the app made for your clients

March 11, 2015  •  11 Comments


We have always focused our efforts on serving you, the photographer, with our website functionality, storage and apps. Now, we have decided to extend that reach to your clients. Say hello to our first client-facing app: Photo Moments—Your Digital Photos Delivered, where clients can instantly gain access to their digital photos right on their phone.


How does it work?

Clients can download the free app at the App Store or Google Play Store when they are invited by the photographer via a special URL, add the gallery their photographer sent them via a special URL, and images are readily available to save, download and share with family and friends.

What are the features?

The extensive and powerful features available through Zenfolio will be carried over to the app, including:

  • Gallery password protection
  • Ability to download and save one or all photos, including different resolutions
  • Option for the photographer to disable full-resolution original photo downloads for extra protection
  • Gallery expiration dates
  • Client sign-in
  • Watermarks
  • Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email

How can clients view their photos?

Clients can view photos in a slideshow mode or regular photo browsing. If they want to save a photo, they can download a photo and it will be automatically saved to their phone’s camera roll.

Download the free app today at the App Store or Google Play Store.


I would also like to see a "call photographer" option in the contact section of the app.
Here is a response from Zenfolio support to the question about disabling downloads in the app.

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for contacting Zenfolio support.

In the new Photo Moments client app, the gallery retains its Access Control settings so if you’ve set the gallery to not allow the downloading of original images, then your client is not going to be able to download a copy of the original images through the app.

In case it is needed, see this link for how to disable downloading of original images –

However, the app does allow for downloading the lower resolution display images. Unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the downloading of the display images.

But you can limit the largest size display images that your clients can download.

See this link for how to set it to a lower size –

You also have the option of watermarking the display images with a watermark or with your logo. This way, when the low resolution display images are downloaded, they will retain your logo or other website information.

See this link for more details on the watermarking feature –

Keep in mind that when your clients view the images in the app on their mobile device, it is very easy for them to take screenshots of the images. So this would be equivalent their downloading the low resolution display images.

If it would be best that they not have the ability to download or take screenshots of the watermarked low resolution images, it is recommended that the client app link not be shared with the client.

Also see this link for more details on the app –—-your-digital-photos-delivered?b_id=3410

Hope this clarifies things. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Warmest regards,

Laura | Zenfolio Customer Support
Great App. Want to also express the desire to not allow the downloading of any size images. Even if I click on the "Do not allow downloading" button, the photos are still available to be downloaded via the App in low-res. Can you confirm that and tell me what I can do to prevent that.
Hi TJ & MV,
The client app follows the access controls of the gallery. So you can simply go to your gallery and disable downloading in Client Access. Hope that helps and if you have further questions, please send them to Thanks!
M. V. Rasmussen(non-registered)
I'll support T.J. Powell's request to be able to disable picture download all together.
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