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Streamline your events workflow

November 11, 2013  •  2 Comments

Premium Business subscribers can now take full advantage of our new events features. This new functionality allows you to create a keyword-searchable mini site for a multi-subject job. Events can either be set to allow for an open keyword search, or for additional privacy you can restrict access with individual passcodes. Keyword your photos with a unique identifier for each participant and they’ll be able to easily find their own photos.


Wes (The Portrait Dude)(non-registered)
This ^^^ was actually the reason I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. Well worth the cost and it has helped streamline my convention photography SO MUCH. Thanks for the awesome features and keep being awesome!
PLEASE make this avaiable to premium members(non-registered)
This is a GREAT feature, I just wish I could have access using a premium subscription. Please make this available.
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