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New products and product updates from One Vision Imaging are here!*

In addition to adding four stunning new wall-display products to buy and sell, we've also made several improvements to some of the most popular existing products.

Read on to see what's new, and click the images for a larger preview!



New Products


Illusion Frames

Illusion Framed Prints are a masterpiece in contemporary dynamic design. Your professional colour-corrected print is suspended within crystal-clear acrylic seeming to hover within the frame, leaving the viewer intrigued as to the magic behind it.


Trinity Frames

Trinity Framed Prints offer an exciting new way to display multiple images on your finished products. The triptych layout showcases three prints mounted on bevelled-edge blocks, which are then dropped into a deep-set frame, lending prints the appearance of floating. 


Framed Canvas Wraps

Framed Canvas Wraps represent the perfect marriage of framed prints and canvas wraps, embracing One Vision Imaging’s decades of experience in creating industry-leading wall art for both these product lines.


Shadow Boxes

Shadow Box Prints present an evolution of the standard framed prints available from OVI. Offering a deeper-set frame moulding and crystal-clear acrylic glazing, Shadow Boxes come with a lightly grained wooden frame in your choice of black or white.




Product Updates


New Frame Mouldings

We have updated the range of frame mouldings available for framed prints to be in line with the current range offered by OVI directly. Now you and your customers have even more choice when creating wall art to suit your home. 


​More 3:2 Framed Print Sizes

Until now if you wanted a 3:2 ratio framed print at a larger size than 12x8", you would have to settle for a print without a mount. No longer! We've added several larger framed print sizes with mounts for 3:2 ratio prints, ranging all the way up to 36x24".


More Multi-Aperture Framed Print Sizes

Further, larger sizes have been added to our range of Multi-Aperture Framed Prints from OVI, which also take advantage of the new frame mouldings now available for single-aperture framed prints.


More Fine Art Papers

In addition to the Museum and Portrait papers already available, we have added the rest of the range of One Vision Imaging Fine Art papers. You now also have these new Fine Art Papers to choose from: Smooth Art Silk, German Etching, Photo Rag and Bamboo. 


Photo Book improvements

The ever-popular Lay Flat photo books are a marvel, with images spanning a double-page spread absent of any visual gutter. We noticed we were missing a single image double-page layout for the 8x8” book and have now made this available!




Top Tips

Make The Most of Printing


Even in our digital age, professional photo prints remain the ultimate way to showcase your photography. Here are some top tips for ordering prints, selling prints, and maximising your sales for the holiday season. 


Order free One Vision Imaging Test Prints

One Vision Imaging offers a class-leading complimentary colour correction service on prints. Your free OVI Test Prints help you decide whether you prefer your prints with or without colour correction. 


Order through your own account

Your Zenfolio website isn't just a storefront for your clients; it's also the easiest way to order prints for yourself from your favourite partner lab. Decorate your home or present a gift to a loved one, all at base lab prices. 


Add products to your Price Lists for selling

Once you’re ready to start selling, you'll need to create a price list. Simply add your chosen products, set your pricing, assign the price list to your galleries and you're good to go! 


Maximise your sales

As we approach the busy holiday shopping season, make sure to prepare by updating your site, planning your promotions and formulating a marketing strategy in advance. Also check out our free Marketing & Selling Guide for some great tips.


*One Vision Imaging products are available for Pro and Advanced accounts only. 

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Pricing Strategies for Portrait Photographers http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/pricing-strategy-tips-for-portrait-photographers

by Shari Warren


At some point, you decided to take your passion and talent for portrait photography from being a hobby to officially starting a business. Or maybe you have been shooting for a while and have relocated to a different area of the country where you need to reestablish your existing business. You’ve invested in your camera equipment and accessories, computers and software, education and a new Zenfolio website. To make sure your business will be successful and profitable, you’ll need to plan your pricing strategy for your photography services and products.


Research Your Competition

With any business, it is important to know who your competition is and their prices. You can then decide, based on your own level of experience and the services and products you want to offer, how to choose your pricing. You should also consider, based on where you live, the socioeconomics of potential customers in your area. For example, a bigger city, more affluent suburb, or tourist area might have more customers with higher incomes who are accustomed to paying higher prices for photography services as opposed to a rural area where customers’ incomes might be lower and can only afford lower prices.


One way to research other photographers in your area is to ask friends and family what local photographers they have hired for their portraits. You can also go to your local camera store and talk to the staff about their customers who offer portrait photography services.

Once you have some names, go online and start doing search for your competition’s websites using a search engine such as Google or Bing and business directory websites, such as Yelp, Thumbtack and Photography Central. Also research the main social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Enter pertinent keywords such as portraits, children, baby, newborn, seniors, teens, family and event photography. Use additional keywords in your search such as the town, city, county, state or region. When you do those searches, take note of the portrait photographer websites that come up on the first and second pages. These photographers have done their homework to be sure that their websites are being seen, and if they also have paid advertising that indicates that they are doing well with getting new customers. 

Visit those photographer websites that you think most closely resemble the same services that you offer. You can then check out their portfolios to compare styles and see if they publicly show pricing for their sessions and products. If they do, bookmark those websites so you can refer to them later as you plan for pricing strategy.


Decide on your Session Pricing

Whether you have a little or a lot of experience, you probably have a general idea of the amount of time you will need to prepare, drive, shoot, post process and upload your photos sessions into your private client galleries on your website. And each of those sessions will vary in time depending on the subject.

Once you have a general idea of the hours per session you will need to do a great job, you then have to decide how much you need to make per hour to cover your time, costs, overhead and profit to have a successful business and price your sessions accordingly. Meet your new best friend, a certified accountant or CPA. They specialize in working with businesses to help plan for pricing, cash flow and taxes, and can provide some helpful formulas to use to be sure you will be making a profit. Make an appointment with one of them and bring your competition research, list of services and even your own rough estimates of your pricing. Doing this will give you the confidence that you are planning for your goal of having a successful photography business.

On your business website, you could then create webpages to list your sessions pricing to let prospective new customers know your price range. Because each session might have additional costs based on the customer’s needs and desires, you could write something like “Portrait Sessions starting at $xxx.” This way you are giving a minimum price, yet have the flexibility to add to it in case you have additional time and costs (such as far away locations, clothing changes, props and additional people to be included in the photos). For each of your specialty sessions, list your details and locations you shoot, what is included and the amount of time. Consider a call to action Book a Session button or link at the bottom of the page that links to your contact page.

Get a Session Deposit

Have you ever had a customer book a photography session with you and then not show up? It’s even worse if you hadn’t asked them to pay you a deposit upfront. Your time is valuable, and you simply must ask for a deposit.


You can set up a custom gallery page with an attached price list on your Zenfolio website to accept deposit payments for your sessions. You can even include your policy and terms on that page. Simply create self-fulfilled products just for your sessions deposit payments and then create a Sessions Price List. It’s that easy! You will need to create a JPEG image, using a graphics program such as Photoshop, to show the name of the session and the deposit price (usually 50% of the session fee), upload those images into the client’s own gallery then link them to your Sessions Deposit gallery page.

Price Your Products for Profit

Whether you are using your own lab or one of Zenfolio’s trusted partner labs, you will need to add your markup to the base price of each product you offer to ensure that you earn a profit.


There are a couple of different ways to figure out the amount you want to add for your profit for each product.


One option you can use on your Zenfolio website is to plan your markup by using a formula and apply that formula to all products. Typically, when selling a retail product, the markup might be 100-300% (or more, depending on the price sensitivity of your customers) more than the base price. Here are some examples:


An 8” x 10” print: Base Price $2.29 + 100% Profit ($2.29) = Selling Price $4.58

An 8” x 10” print: Base Price $2.29 + 200% Profit ($4.58) = Selling Price $6.87

An 8” x 10” print: Base Price $2.29 + 300% Profit ($6.87) = Selling Price $9.16


Zenfolio gives you a tool to customize your own pricing formula that includes adding a “fixed markup” and you can round your prices to the nearest $1.00, 99 cents or 95 cents.


Another option is to manually enter either your desired profit price and Zenfolio will calculate the selling price and vice versa. Use this method when, based on your competitive pricing research and experience, you know what the selling price should be appropriate to your customer demographic.

You can use the formula or manual pricing options for any products you want to offer, whether it is a product through a Zenfolio vendor, a self-fulfilled product or digital products.


Seeing Sales Results from Your Pricing Strategy

The best test to see if your pricing strategy is on target for your customers is the amount you are receiving from your orders. At any time, you can adjust your profit in your price lists if customers are mentioning that your prices are too high or low. Having the right pricing strategy for your photography business will also allow you to offer packages and create coupons for holiday and seasonal specials when you want to generate more product sales and still have your profit built in.


Shari Warren of Warren Creative Design has provided design, training and business consultations to hundreds of Zenfolio photographers since 2011. With her background as an art director in the software and publishing industries, she brings a creative, objective eye and marketing savvy to help portrait, wedding and fine art photographers showcase their photography and set up their websites and shopping carts to help accomplish their business goals.


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5 Musts to Get Your Submission Game On Point http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/5-musts-to-get-your-submission-game-on-point Getting published in a major outlet is the cannon in a professional photographer's  promotional arsenal. Our partners at Two Bright Lights are a leading content source for over 400 major publication outlets, and they've given us the scoop on the best way to get your submissions ready for the big leagues. Plus, a 10% discount for our readers with promo code: ZFTBL.  For more info on Two Bright Lights, check them out here.

You’ve shot an amazing wedding or event, and KNOW that it’s perfect for publication. But then what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you… Follow these five tips and your submission game will be on point! 


1. Choose publications carefully

There’s an old adage that says “There’s a lid for every pot.” The same is true for submissions! Find the right publication for your album and avoid mass-submissions. Publishers can see where else an album has been submitted and they want to know that you think this album is perfect for them, so choose five to ten publications at most. Be sure to read the submission guidelines for each publication that you are targeting. Don’t waste your time – or theirs – by submitting to publications that are clearly not a fit.

2. Make sure your album story rocks

Editors want to publish the best looking photos, for sure. But they need a great story to tell too! And they don’t want to have to do all the heavy lifting. Include as much of the backstory and as many of the details as you know. If you aren’t the event or wedding planner – call them! They usually know lots of great little nuggets since they spend so much time with the host or the bride and groom.

Worried that you aren’t a great writer? Don’t be! The publisher will finesse the story, they just need the raw ingredients. One editor even told us they’d be thrilled with a bulleted list of details if the submitter is not a strong writer. And often it’s the details – along with great pictures – that cinch the submission.


3. Provide plenty of image options

150 images may seem like a lot, but really, it’s not. Think about it from the perspective of the editor – they want options! They need to be creative, and especially for non-exclusive publications, they want to create a feature that is unique to their publication. Even when it seems like you have added enough detail shots, add some more. Remember, that is what editors use to inspire their readers with lots of new ideas.

4. Tag your fellow vendors

There are lots of excellent reasons to tag ALL of the other stellar event professionals in your submission. Those vendors will promote you in return and you’ll grow your professional network. When the submission gets published, they’ll be automatically alerted and will share the feature on their social networks.

But the #1 reason to tag the fellow pros that you worked with is that publishers are looking for that information! 70% of editors say that it is critical to include vendors in your submissions, and 89% say it is very important. Nearly half of the editors we surveyed want to see 8 or more vendors tagged in an album. So grab those business cards, and get tagging!

5. Keep your images in the order they occurred

Let’s pretend you’re watching a movie that you’ve never seen before, but for some reason it started right in the middle, then skips from there to the beginning, to the end and then back to the beginning. How frustrating would that be?! Just when you think you’re getting the story, it completely changes on you. When you’re submitting your album to an editor, it’s like they’re viewing a “movie” for the first time, and you want to help them understand the story.

With that in mind, make sure you keep your images in the order they occurred – If there was an amazing first look, make sure that is before the ceremony and even if the send-off is absolutely breathtaking, keep it at the end of the album.


Helpful hint: If there is one image that you want the editor to see first, regardless of when it occurred, make it the cover image!

*Photography by Zenfolio and Two Bright Lights user, Derek Chad Photography



Only 40% of wedding professionals get published – join their elite ranks! Two Bright Lights makes it fast and easy to get published and costs less than $15/month. In just three quick steps, you can submit your work to more than 400 magazines, blogs and websites, including The Knot, POPSUGAR, Brit + Co, MunaLuchi Bride, Every Last Detail and more.


So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today at twobrightlights.com.


10% off with promo code: ZFTBL Offer valid on new or upgraded annual memberships. Expires 12/31/16.


(ZenBlog) Bright Lights Two Zenfolio marketing photography http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/5-musts-to-get-your-submission-game-on-point Mon, 26 Sep 2016 21:00:00 GMT
It's Here! Simplified Categories for Easier Browsing, Buying, and Selling http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/simplified-product-categories

For an improved client-shopping experience, we have streamlined the available product categories in the 'Selling' section of your account from about 16 to 6. The Shop home page displays six new product category choices + client-friendly naming conventions.


Based on the latest marketing research and best practices for online shopping, this reorganization lays the foundation for a more intuitive experience for easier browsing, buying and selling. In simplifying the number of possible options in the ‘Selling’ section of your account, your clients can find things more easily. This refresh also includes familiar category names (i.e., photo gifts, home decor) that actually mean something to your clients versus language used primarily among photo-industry insiders. Thus, making it easier for your clients to find and buy what they are looking for.


The newly organized main categories are Prints, Albums & Books, Photo Gifts, Greeting Cards, Home Decor, and Marketing. All of the 2000+ vendor products available to sell through your Zenfolio account live under one of these six categories. If you have Packages, this category will remain the same and appear in addition to these six.


If you have Digital Downloads or Self-fulfilled Products, these six new categories will be available for you to use, along with the same default categories you are familiar with (‘Digital Downloads’ and ‘Other Products’).


For current selling accounts: All products have been migrated and consolidated into the new categories on 9/22/2016 at midnight (PST). All the products you currently offer are still available for sale on your site, but may appear in a different category. Pease contact our Customer Support team for a detailed list on where items were mapped in the simplified categorization. We encourage you to login to your account, review the new categories, and make any needed updates.


If you have any additional questions, our Customer Support team is happy to help.


Happy Selling!


Update to Pre-Announcement on 9/6/2016

Coming Soon: Simplified Product Categories for Easier Buying & Selling

Leveraging 10 years of print product sales experience and consumer behavior insights, we are improving the categorization of products for an easier shopping experience. While photo industry insiders are fully in-the-know about the myriad of print products to search for, buy and sell, it’s probably not as instinctual for your clients to navigate this part of our world.

Therefore, we’re simplifying the product categories, making it more shopper-intuitive for both you and your clients to browse, buy and sell through your Zenfolio website/storefront. Coming soon, you will see six newly updated product categories that list the items that can be purchased. Digital Downloads and Packages will appear in addition to these. The new product categories are: Prints, Photo Gifts, Photo Albums & Books, Greeting Cards, Home Décor, and Marketing.


What does this mean for you?

The products you love to buy and sell will still be available with this reorganization. The only difference is that it may be living under one of the new categories/subcategories, so check back soon for updates!

(ZenBlog) Zenfolio browsing buying galleries marketing photography product categories product update products professional professional photography sale selling storefront http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/simplified-product-categories Fri, 23 Sep 2016 07:00:00 GMT
4 Steps to Boost Print Sales in Your Online Store http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/4-steps-to-boost-print-sales-in-your-online-store Just like launching a brick and mortar store takes some planning before the doors should ever be opened to the public, the same goes for your online store. Here, we cover four tips for perfecting the selling aspect of your website, from knowing who your audience is to prompting clients to buy through incentives—all so you can see the profits roll in.


Step 1: Know your audience


When deciding what products to offer, consider who your audience is for that particular event and gallery. For peewee soccer portraits, wallet prints, key chains and mugs will likely be the biggest sellers. And you can be sure no one is going to order a photo cutting board of their beautiful boudoir portrait. Some clients might not have the desire or the wall space for any print products, in which case you’ll want to offer digital downloads for sale in a variety of sizes or quantities.


The bottom line is that you need to create different price lists with the best products for each specific gallery. The products mom wants of her peewee soccer player are likely going to be very different than what a 26-year-old woman would buy for her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.


Also keep in mind that some of your clients might be more price-conscious than others. It’s completely OK to have a healthy markup for your products for a wedding client, while cutting your margin significantly for a charity event.

Step 2: Build a beautiful product display


Just like when you see a beautiful outfit on a mannequin, selling is all about the presentation. When your photos look better, your clients buy more. So make sure your galleries are elegant and highlight the unique qualities of your work.


It’s also important to make the buying options clearly visible and enticing. Include high-quality photos of the available products in the gallery header and in the shopping cart. These should be displayed in a way that will make the customer want to buy. Have the “Buy” or “Add to Cart” button prominently and conveniently located on the page.


Every selling gallery should have:


  • A clear call to purchase button

  • A list of your featured products

  • High-quality photos of the products


Step 3. Drive visitors to your galleries


Just like you need to drive traffic to your website to gain clients, it’s important to drive clients to their galleries so they can start purchasing. You can do this in several ways:


  • Email invitations. Once a gallery is ready, send a nicely formatted email to your clients (and anyone else whose email you’ve captured for that event) to notify them. In the email, encourage them to share the link with their friends and family.


  • Social media mentions. Create a few teaser shots from the event and post them on social media, tagging the clients. These will be seen by your clients and their entire social networks, creating excitement and driving traffic to your galleries. If you enable Visitor Sign In, you’ll have a list of potential buyers before your photos are even processed.


  • Promo card with a link to the gallery. For your next event, create a gallery ahead of time and give it a friendly URL. Have some cards preprinted with this URL and pass them out to every attendee so they can go to your website and view your photos after the event. Set up the gallery to collect each visitor’s contact information to notify them once the photos are ready, and again you’ll gather a nice list of people for future marketing.

Step 4. Give your clients incentives to buy


You’ve brought people to your site and made it easy for them to make purchases. Sometimes that’s not enough. It’s easy to view images online but put off buying until later. Change this by giving your clients some additional incentives:


  • Create time pressure. Set an expiration date on a gallery so they have a limited amount of time to purchase before their images go away. Make sure that expiration date is visible in the gallery. You can even send reminders a few days before the gallery expires.


  • Offer a special promotion. Everyone loves a great deal. You can create early bird coupons for people who make purchases within the rst week photos are online. Or you can include gift certi cates toward prints as a part of your session fee to get people into the buying mindset right away.


  • Bundle products into packages. Create a package of prints and products and lower the total cost of what customers would pay for the same items a la carte. The savings encourage visitors to buy more than they originally planned while feeling like they are saving money.


Looking for more? Start building your Zenfolio site for free today, to explore our best-in-industry selling tools and site customization tips. With a Zenfolio website, access these features and more:    


  • Zenfolio wants you to make the most out of your business. In addition to email invites, coupons, gift certificates and packages, it also has a shopping cart reminder feature. Your registered clients will receive emails reminding them of their unfinished orders, which encourages them to complete checkout.

  • Zenfolio allows you to create an unlimited number of price lists and assign them to individual photos or galleries. These price lists can include products offered by Zenfolio partner labs, digital downloads or products you fulfill yourself. ​

  • The Zenfolio Featured Products option allows you to select a list of your most popular (or most profitable) products to appear directly on your gallery or photo pages. The easy-to-use shopping cart that is built in to every account displays the products available for sale and quickly guides the visitor from browsing to purchasing.

  • Each gallery you create allows you to create and send beautiful email invitations, create unique, friendly URLs, and easily share photos on social media.

(ZenBlog) Zenfolio marketing photography portfolio selling http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/4-steps-to-boost-print-sales-in-your-online-store Thu, 22 Sep 2016 20:15:11 GMT
Dance Across America: A Zenfolio Photographer Spotlight http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/dance-across-america-a-zenfolio-photographer-spotlight At Zenfolio, it is our privilege to support some incredible photographers as they pursue their art and develop their businesses. Today, we are shining the spotlight on Entertainment Photography Specialists’ Jonathan Givens, and his newest endeavor, “Dance Across the USA.” If Jonathan’s project inspires you, please consider donating at www.danceatusa.com so they can continue this journey and spread the beauty of dance, America’s national treasures, and photography across America!


Tell us a little bit about your “Dance Across the USA” project - what does it entail and what challenges have you faced so far?

Dance Across the USA is, at its core, a fundraiser for the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Park Service.  I am traveling to all 50 states plus Washington DC, to photograph dancers with America’s beauty as their backdrop.  All the locations are nationally significant locations, ranging from the Alamo to active volcanoes, from Death Valley to Glacier National Park.  We have 56 locations, all done over 90 days, while driving over 22,000 miles to get to all of these spots.  The challenges have been many!  We have had car trouble, gear trouble, location trouble, model trouble, you name it!  We pull permits for every shoot we do, and in National Parks, it can be quite expensive.  Grand Canyon wanted to charge us $3000 to shoot there.  We did not, choosing instead to shoot at Antelope Canyon, which still cost us $1000, but we got private access for three hours, and OMG… the images from there!

I came up with the plan for this in January, and we started it on June 28th.  We put out a call for dancers on social media (we have about 55,000 followers between Facebook and Instagram and received about 2800 applications.  I first narrowed it down to about 300 finalists, then chose 150 dancers to participate in the project.  Then we had to finalize the route, the locations, and prepare to make the trip.  I am traveling alone in my van, named the Mighty Buford, which I built out to have power (both 12v and pure sine 110v house power), a refrigerator, shower, kitchen, storage, bed, and of course carry my gear!  We have been off-roading quite a bit, and as of this point have traveled 13,000 miles or so.


What inspired you to take on this project?

I saw a post around Christmas about a guy who used some swanky computer algorithm to create the most efficient trip around the US.  I thought this was interesting, having been to all 50 before anyway, and thought, “How could I do a trip like this and make it worth while?”

I am a dance / circus photographer, and so I built the project around that subject matter.  And I love our National Parks, so using them as a backdrop was a no-brainer.  I’ve been very successful in my business (and thanks to Zenfolio for helping me have a great website!) and I wanted to give back.  So I am donating my time, and my company’s time, to do this project.  We are funded by donations, and all that money goes directly to the trip, permits, tolls, etc.

What have been some of the most joyful or unexpected moments of this project so far?

Arriving at a location and having everything be perfect, or lucky accidents that help you pull off an epic shot, those are the things that are incredible!  So much of landscape photography is dumb luck.  You can plan the location, the time, the date, and it could rain.  Or snow.  Or there’s a fire.  Or a flood.  Or perhaps, the stars align and there is a rainbow appearing as you drive up to the location - which happened at Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii.  We sprinted to get it, and after about 90 seconds it vanished.  But I got the shot!  Or at Crater Lake, where the spot I had planned on shooting from was on fire, with one of the many forest fires burning out west.  So a last minute scramble to find a spot that would work.

But being able to create my work, work with a purpose, in these amazing locations, there is nothing better!  Sunrise at Olympic National Park, sunset at White Sands National Monument, dance astrophotography in Death Valley at midnight, and so many more.  These moments all add up to being the most amazing project I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of - and I say that after 30 years in entertainment: working for Cirque du Soleil, Oprah Winfrey, cruise lines, Broadway tours, major motion pictures, and star-studded private events for the uber rich and famous.  

How does the pursuit of this project reflect or connect to the kind of work you do each day?

My day to day photography is all performers - dancers, acrobats, singers, theater productions, etc.  The first half of the year is all dance schools, with the rest of the year being individual and commercial sessions for clients.  I am completely booked up through the new year, which taken be back into school season, and and already booking sessions for summer and fall of 2017!  I shoot what I know, and I know performance.  I was a professional performer for many years (member Actor’s Equity Association) then moved backstage doing the technical after injury stopped my performance career.  So when a dancer is not en pointe completely, I know.  When their pas de chat is weak or the Ring Leap isn’t right, I can call them on it.  Being able to bring that expertise to my photography helps me create much better work.  as a photographer, we want a pretty photo, technically correct and visually pleasing.  But a dancer will throw the whole thing out if their feet are bad, or their hand is turned out weird.  


We look forward to seeing the final outcome of this awesome project, and thank Jonathan for taking the time to tell us all about his endeavor! For more stunning photos from “Dance Across the USA,” visit http://www.danceatusa.com, and please consider donating to help EPS complete this incredible journey.


(ZenBlog) Dance Across the USA Jonathan Givens Zenfolio photography http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/dance-across-america-a-zenfolio-photographer-spotlight Tue, 20 Sep 2016 23:58:44 GMT
Enroll Now & Drive Holiday Sales: Email Promotions Straight to Your Client’s Inbox http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/zenfolio-run-client-sales-enroll-now-holiday-2016

The gifting season is quickly approaching and we’ve hand-picked top-selling print and photo products to feature in six awesome email campaigns. Let Zenfolio be your free marketing team to help drive your sales during the upcoming holiday season.


How Zenfolio-Run Client Sales work:

Using e-commerce best practices, we will do the work for you to encourage your clients to purchase directly from your galleries through dedicated email campaigns. Get the most out of your holiday with email campaigns personalized for your business. Enroll in all six or select the ones that work best for your business.

Act quickly! Enrollment now open for the first email campaign. Deadline to opt in or out of the first campaign is 9/25/2016. For details of all six campaigns + previews of what your clients will see, click here.


(ZenBlog) Zenfolio Zenfolio-run Client Sales holiday campaigns marketing photography prints professional photography promotions sale selling shopping storefront http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/zenfolio-run-client-sales-enroll-now-holiday-2016 Mon, 19 Sep 2016 18:08:05 GMT
Updated Pre-Filled Price List Makes Selling Easier http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/update-to-pre-filled-price-list-makes-selling-easier Ready to start selling today? Woo-hoo!

The newly updated Pre-Filled Price List makes it easier to sell during peak purchasing season. Instantly add a price list to your galleries to start selling in seconds. The price list is pre-filled with the top-selling photo products including great gifts for the holidays, and includes suggested pricing. You can also customize it for your business by simply adding or removing products as you see fit. Nifty, right?

Already a selling aficionado? Awesome! Perhaps you can use it as a guide to ensure you’ve included the most in-demand products to your current price lists before the holiday season starts.

 To learn more about creating and adding price lists to your galleries, click here


Psst! Have you enrolled in the Zenfolio-Run Client Sales yet? The gifting season is quickly approaching, and we’ve hand-picked top-selling print and photo products to feature in six awesome email campaigns. Each one we send to your clients on your behalf will feature different products to excite and inspire gifting ideas. Learn more here

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School Photographer Tips & Tricks for Fall 2016 http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/school-photographer-tips-tricks-for-fall-2016

Right now school photographers are in the middle of the busy season, and we’d like to offer some help. Here are our tips to help you make the most of your Zenfolio account for fall 2016!


Organize Galleries for Better Performance

The optimal gallery structure is a gallery per class and a group per school.

Group name - Valley Middle School Class Photos Fall 2016

Gallery 1 - Section 1

Gallery 2 - Section 2

Gallery 3 - Section 3

Gallery 4 - Section 4


This organization maximizes the performance of your galleries and also helps you utilize a new feature we launched recently for Advanced plans and high volume customers to easily offer a pre-selected product such as a group photo with every package. Note that if you use Miller’s Remote Suite Plus to upload your photos to Zenfolio, you will only be able to upload one gallery per student—you can then reorganize it per the recommendation above.


Use Events to Seamlessly Share Pictures

If you use our Events feature, you can send a subset of the pictures in your gallery to a client. For example, you can share the pictures of a student with only their parent even though the pictures of all the students in the class may be in the same gallery. You can also increase the security of these galleries by making it a restricted event and assigning a password to each one of them.


Set Up Commerce ASAP

Don’t wait until the last minute to set up selling on your website. Create a price list or use our new default price list with holiday items and competitive pricing recommendations to start selling as soon as your galleries are set up.  


Make sure to fill your price list with products so that your clients can take advantage of all of the holiday promos we have lined up for this season. The more products you offer the more opportunities for your clients to buy, which will increase your sales!


Don’t forget to adjust your retail pricing every time a new client promotion or product is announced. Pay special attention in your price list because that’s where you’ll set your product markup.

Opt In to Our Promotions to Make More Money

Look out for our upcoming Zenfolio-run promos and opt in. Let us do the work for you!

We have a lot to offer you this holiday season, so be on the lookout for new product announcements, promo deals and discounts, and take advantage of them.


For more information about how school photographers can maximize the efficiency and performance of their Zenfolio platform, please refer to our Guide for School Photographers.


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The Next Phase of the New Shopping Experience is Here! http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/new-shopping-experience-2016

Hooray! The Next Phase of New Shopping Experience is now here!*

To help grow your business, we’re launching the next phase of the New Shopping Experience. It is more intuitive and equipped with useful selling features. The improved experience leverages e-commerce best practices to make browsing and buying easier for your clients, and selling better for you.


Five key highlights in the New Shopping Experience:

1.  For a fully personalized experience, photos from your client’s galleries instantly appear on product categories while they are shopping.

Available soon: Gallery icons will neatly showcase photos with orientation detection.


2.  One-click shopping makes it super easy for your clients to add single-item products to their cart in seconds. ​The most popular items in your active price lists will automatically show for one-click shopping. Or, you can easily pick your own best-selling products to feature. New to selling? Instantly attach a pre-filled price list to your gallery with featured products already selected.    


3.  Prominently showcase your packages on your Shop Home page to increase your sales. Packages are displayed side-by-side in columns so your clients can quickly compare options. 


4.  And, we've simplified categories, making browsing and buying products more shopper-friendly for your clients: Prints, Albums & Books, Photo Gifts, Greeting Cards, Home Decor, and Marketing. All of the 2000+ items available to sell through Zenfolio live under one of these six categories. Digital Downloads and 'Other Products' for Self-fulfill are available and will appear in addition to the main category options. Packages will be prominently displayed above the categories of your Shop home page.


5.  A shipping estimator in the cart allows customers to conveniently estimate order total.


This is just the beginning... Our teams are working to progressively improve and roll out more features and functionalities in phases. Check your email and login notifications in your account dashboard for the most up-to-date news.

Get it now: Click “Turn on” in the Zenbar link (located at the top of your Dashboard) to turn on the new shopping experience now. Your storefront will immediately migrate over. You can easily turn it off and revert back to your original storefront by simply clicking “Turn off” in the Zenbar link again.


We’d love to hear from you! Send us your feedback, comments, and questions regarding the New Shopping Experience to shoppingbeta@zenfolio.com.


*The New Shopping Experience available is for all U.S. Pro and Advance plans. If you were previously opted-in to the beta shopping experience, for your convenience, we have automatically turned on New Shopping so no action is required. And, just in case, no fret! It’s super easy to opt-out for now by clicking “turn off” in your dashboard until the end of the year. For more information, click here.

**Learn more about simplified product categories here.


It's Coming: Increase Sales with an Improved Shopping Experience


Drumroll, please… The improved shopping experience is leveraging e-commerce best practices to make shopping a breeze for both you and your customers.


Soon, we will be unveiling the New Shopping Experience for the entire Zenfolio community to enable.* Your optimized Zenfolio storefront will reveal (1) enhanced selling features to help grow your business, and (2) provide a more intuitive shopping experience for your customers. With input from the Zenfolio Beta Tester Community, exciting new features and improvements have been made to enhance the overall buying and selling experiences since the beta launch in July. And… this is only the beginning!


Five key highlights in the New Shopping Experience:

  1. For a fully personalized experience, photos from your galleries will instantly appear on products while your clients are shopping, and with orientation detection, gallery icons will neatly showcase photos.

  2. Your clients can add featured products to their cart with one click.

  3. Simplified categories** make browsing and buying products more shopper-friendly.

  4. Prominently showcase your packages to quickly increase your order sizes.

  5. A shipping estimator in the cart allows customers to conveniently view order total.


Stay Tuned! The New Shopping Experience will be available in the upcoming weeks.***


*The New Shopping Experience will be available for all US accounts.

**Learn more about simplified product categories here.

***If you were previously opted-in to the beta shopping experience, we will automatically turn on the new experience for you upon release. For photographers who did not participate in the beta, you’ll have the opportunity to opt-in upon release.

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Unleashing the Triple Scoop Music “Ultimate” Collection http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/get-the-ultimate-collection-from-triple-scoop-music Triple-Scoop-Music-Ultimate


Get award-winning music for your Zenfolio slideshows! Triple Scoop Music (TSM) and Zenfolio have come together to offer the Ultimate Collection (TSM Ultimate), which gives you unlimited streaming access to more than 17,000 songs and soundtracks for just $10 a month. Check out this awesome add-on today and get your first month for FREE with coupon code TSM1MO (offer ends 10/15/2016).

TSM’s staff-curated playlists feature hand-picked songs to supercharge your Zenfolio photo slideshows. Enhance the emotional experience of your slideshows with world-class music by adding energy, soul and style. You’ll find the perfect melodies for every type of slideshow: Love, Weddings, Landscape, Sports, Baby, Family, Travel, Business, Celebrations, and more. Take advantage of award-winning music to help you share your story, promote your brand, and grow your business.

With unlimited streaming access, you can use any of these 17,000+ songs as many times as you’d like. Every time you create a slideshow you can add music from Triple Scoop Music, directly from within your Zenfolio account. There’s no downloading of music files and there’s no limit to the number of slideshows you can add music to. The music streams directly on your Zenfolio slideshow—it’s that simple!


How it Works:

1. Log in to your Zenfolio account and add the Triple Scoop Music Unlimited Collection (TSM Ultimate) for just $10/month—don’t forget to use coupon code TSM1MO to get your first month FREE (offer ends 10/15/2016).

2. You’ll instantly receive unlimited streaming access to over 17,000 award-winning songs and soundtracks within all of the slideshows you create on Zenfolio.

3. You’re ready to jam!


Supercharge your Zenfolio slideshows right now with the TSM Ultimate package! To learn more, click here.



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The Perks of Zenfolio's Professional Album Design Service http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/the-perks-of-zenfolio-s-professional-album-design-service

As a photographer for almost 10 years now, I can honestly say that there is nothing that I love more than albums. Whether it is a wedding album, an album to document the tiny freshness of a newborn baby, or an album to commemorate a special event such as bar mitzvah or huge family gathering—these are not just albums that your client and their loved ones will look through several times; they hold pieces of familial history. If a client invests in an album, they are treasuring a moment of time captured by you that tells a story about their life.

At any given photo show, you will see me basking in the glory of high-end papers and finely stretched leather covers—turning each album page with care, my inner romantic photographic storyteller bursting out. And, this is exactly where my love affair with albums comes to a screeching halt. Why, you ask? Albums take a lot of time. I have already spent so much of it with this client already, from the booking, to the editing, to the delivery of any other items. I have other clients now, other sessions, other weddings, I am way behind on my editing (always), and I fed my kids macaroni and cheese from a box for the third night in a row.

The workflow for albums is intense. You need to find the best album company for you (daunting… there are tons of them out there), you need to go through all of the images and pick the best ones, you need to confer with your client about these images, and then you need to review the suggestions from your client. Next, you need to design the album in Adobe Photoshop or InDesign—or both. When it comes to templates, you can’t have just one or all of your albums will look the same, and you need to have them in all different sizes. You go back and forth with the measurements down to the tiniest increments; if you make one tiny miscalculation, the entire album will print wrong and you will be out hundreds of dollars. Finally, you present the design. Your client makes several suggestions and decided they wanted the album in a larger size, so you are back to where you started.

Before you throw in the towel and decide that offering high-end albums is akin to running a marathon you didn’t train for, Zenfolio is here to help. Our full-service album design and fulfillment will take away the anxiety, the costs, the guesswork, and actually… all of the work out of offering albums to your clients.

The process is simple. All accounts come with the Album featured already enabled. If you are not ready to offer them or want to create albums yourself, simply log in and disable the feature - it only takes a moment.



Then, you or your client clicks the Make an Album button on their gallery page. The album design itself costs only $50, which is a great deal if you think about it. Photoshop,  InDesign, and Lightroom, which most of us use, cost $50 a month! Maybe you want to use Fundy? That’s $300, and that doesn’t cover whatever upgrade they come out with next. And what about your time? Time is money!



The designer carefully reviews the photographs and chooses the ones that work best during the selection process. After the selection process is complete, the designer will send an email to you or your client. Don’t worry; these are not set in stone. You can check or uncheck any of the images at this stage and resubmit the images to the designer.



The designer then takes this approved selection and custom creates a design for your client. In 3-5 business days they will be able to review their design and purchase their album. 



Can you believe we take care of the branding too!? Your studio or business name is stamped right into the album. Whoever looks at this album will see your name. This is offered to you at no additional charge. The setting for this imprint is your display name. You view this in your account under Settings, Account, Display Name and Copyright.  Free marketing is the best kind of marketing!



There is an impeccable beauty to heirloom album work. The pages are printed on the finest quality paper, and the book itself is hand bound and crafted. Because of the handmade quality of the albums, the process takes a full 15 business days from start to finish. After the album ships and is on its way to your client, you receive a $100 profit in your account without having to do any of the heavy lifting.

The album I chose to feature for this blog post is a 12 x 12 album, with luxuriously thick pages and a breathtaking Acrylic cover.  The high-glass finish is not only stunning, but it is also completely impact or dent resistant. The leather is milled with such precision that there is almost no bump between the cover and the binding.


And these pages are the epitome of extravagance.



Every album is carefully packaged and delivered directly to your client in a lovely box too!



This new service is a complete win-win for any photographer who does not have the time or the desire to offer albums to clients, and it is a win for your customers too! A customized design process with a professional album designer and a beautifully handcrafted heirloom album delivered right to their door, all without you lifting a finger. So get out there and do what you love… shooting, or finishing up that backlog of editing, and landing new clients. We will take care of you, your clients, and everything in between.  To make sure you are enrolled in this service click HERE.



Amanda Burse is a devoted wife and mom to four children between the ages of three and 13. She is part of the Zenfolio Customer Support Team and has been a professional photographer for nine years. 
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Why Print in a Digital Age? http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/why-print-in-a-digital-age


Adam Scorey, ex-photo magazine editor and now Product and Marketing Manager for One Vision Imaging, suggests that if we desert print, the content, the pose or the moment will end up becoming more important than the rest of an image’s ingredients.



Why do we take pictures, or why are we commissioned to shoot? Regardless of the client, it’s to capture our memories and remind us of the good, bad and ugly of the world around us. As business owners we strive for quality in all things. 

We don’t go into a shop and say, “Can I have your most terrible carrots please?” or “No, I’d rather have the broken down, three-wheel car please, the one with the rust and the dents!” You buy good products. You go on great training courses and you set up a cracking, all-singing-all-dancing website.

So when it comes to your images, what should you do? Send a USB or DVD with your images on it and let the client decide? As the expert, you know what’s best for the client. That’s why you can charge more — you have superior knowledge and expertise in the field. 



The question these days is: has the content of an image become more important than the print quality; and by that I mean have we let the customer decide what should be termed as quality? The pose rather than the density, contrast and colour saturation? Has the price become a bigger consideration than the purpose?

We have lost our way a bit with the prevalence of digital. Instead of digital images making pro photography simpler and less susceptible to theft, it has done the opposite. Our prints used to create a standard for us all to be judged by. And photography organisations like RPS, SWPP, The Guild and competitions like The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards all still use professional quality prints to judge an artist’s work. No way can you say they are all Jurassic dinotographers using stone tripods and wax tablets. Print, arguably, is still cutting edge. It’s still THE standard to be judged by… if you dare.



The key thing to remember here is: It’s the print that creates the true value, not the ingredients. Your image, carefully colour corrected and graded and then printed on fine quality paper.

Printing is scary. It takes no prisoners. And why should it? It's the best, since it creates a level playing field. Desert print at your peril; you’ll give the customer all the power and you, the hard working pro, will seem no different than Uncle Paul with his Nikon D5500. And his images look great on his tablet, right?



Top Tips! Learn how to: 

Order products through your own account

Add products to your price lists for selling

Order free One Vision Imaging test prints



Adam Scorey is a professional photographer, ex-photo magazine editor and now Product and Marketing Manager for trusted Zenfolio partner One Vision Imaging.

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How to Prep for a Travel Photography Trip http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/howtoprepforatravelphototrip

By Joseph Roybal


As a travel landscape photographer who often seeks out non-iconic locations to photograph, I am constantly visiting new places around the globe—many times sight unseen. It’s crucial to prepare effectively for a travel photography trip if you want to maximize your result. In this three-part series I’ll go over how I scout a location from home, how I plan my images from my office, how I visualize what I can produce, the step-by-step process I use to line out my shots in the field once on-location, and finally I’ll show the finished product I was able to produce using Zenfolio as my all-in-one hosting, viewing, and selling platform.

This article covers scouting, the most important step. Before you even leave home you want to get a solid understanding of the area where you are going to be working. When I get an idea of where I would like to go, either for myself or working with a workshop client, I find a general outline of the territory using several resources—Google, Google Earth, PhotoPills and my Garmin GPS.



I will search general Images to get an idea of what is out there on the Internet for an area. With all of the images on Google+ and uploaded daily through various online platforms, I find this is a good place to start your search. You can discern if an area has potential, has already been photographed well, and/or if there is nothing for this location, which is even better! After trolling here for a bit I move over to Google Earth to begin familiarizing myself with these areas.

Google image

Photo credit: Jack Brauer 


Google Earth

Google Earth is probably the most important and underused asset in a landscape photographer’s trip planning arsenal. With Google Earth you are able to not only get an bird’s eye view of the area, you can then zoom, pan, rotate, view objects from a ground-level perspective, and get a compass and GPS coordinates. More importantly, you can drop pins and create folders to save and create a route with, and later synch with Garmin BaseCamp.


Imagine you are looking to hike to a far-off location. You can plot your course by dropping pins to find the most level and obstacle-free route from the parking lot to the lake, for example. Save these in folders, and save this plan as a KMZ file. Next, open it in BaseCamp and send it to your Garmin. You now have a route planned.




I have recently begun using this incredibly powerful app to help plan my night photography images. I start by getting a solid idea of the location from Google Earth with an understanding of north and south. Then I zoom forward “in time” to the date I think I will be in the area, keeping in mind the moon phase and where the Milky Way will be throughout the night.

Note the time listed of 1:45 AM and larger dots. These denote the Galactic Core of the Milky Way and how they align with a North/South orientation. They also show me the general time of the morning I need to be in position ready to capture my images. In the upper bar this shows the time frame the Galactic Core will be visible throughout the night.


Garmin BaseCamp

I love the Google Earth and Garmin BaseCamp integration. It’s useful to be able to first find a location in Google Earth, pin it, copy the GPS coordinates from the location found and paste these in BaseCamp, creating a pin within a folder there. I always select to open it in Google Earth to double check my locations and make sure they align. Once this is cross-referenced I connect my old school Garmin car GPS so I have this. I do not like to rely on my cell phone, even with Google Maps downloaded for offline use, and then connect my handheld Garmin GPS to also have the coordinates plugged in. I do all of this before leaving so I am able to navigate to a location, hop out of my car, and if necessary, run for a photo not being (too) concerned about getting lost or disoriented. I have several lines of defense against getting lost set up from the get-go with Google Maps downloaded on my phone, my handheld Garmin eTrex with these points of location noted, a physical compass, and always a paper topographical map of the area.

Note: Blue pin shown in Google Earth screen is BaseCamp’s inserted location. This shows me my coordinates are accurate and can now transfer to the device.


With the help of all of these tools, you can get a solid idea of how an area looks before you arrive in person. And the more you practice with this approach, the better you will get at understanding how to “read” and translate all of these different tools.


Please stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 of this series, where I will show through several video shorts how I line up a scene. I’ll share the what things I consider before I even take a shot. Part 3 will also include how I utilize Zenfolio to host, showcase and sell these images in a beautiful and streamlined workflow. 


Based in beautiful Denver, Colorado, photographer Joseph Roybal is one to keep an eye on. His extensive portfolio of landscape images and travel portraits give viewers a rare glimpse into the wondrous and colorful cultures that he visits. Joseph’s images not only tell a gorgeous story of each place that he travels to, they also showcase the true heart of each location.

(ZenBlog) Joseph Roybal Zenfolio photographer photography professional photographer professional photography travel photography http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/howtoprepforatravelphototrip Mon, 29 Aug 2016 16:00:00 GMT
New! Add Free Pre-Selected Products to Your Packages http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/new-add-free-pre-selected-products-to-your-packages

Instantly enhance the value of your packages by adding a free pre-selected product within the same gallery! Zenfolio Advanced Plan holders can use this feature to take their selling power to the next level. As a photographer, you may want to offer an incentive for your clients to buy packages by offering a pre-selected product (as a bonus) with the package. You choose what photo and product (or products) you will offer in advance. For example, if you are a school photographer, you may want to offer a free group class photo with your package. This feature enables you to do just that.


  • Add pre-selected products to both single-image and multi-image packages

  • Offer any product that is a part of the current package

  • Offer as many products as there are in the current package

  • Offer unlimited units of the free product


You can add a pre-selected product to a package in three steps within your Zenfolio account dashboard:


  1. Go to Selling > Packages > pick one of your existing packages > select the product you want to offer a pre-selected bonus for.

  2. Designate the pre-selected product that will be used with the pre-selected photo by attaching a keyword tag--use the default “preselected,” or create a custom tag.

  3. Use the same keyword, or custom tag, to designate the pre-selected photo to the product you are offering as a bonus.


And voila! Your client will see the free product (say, a 8x10 group class photo) when they view the package. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out the Zenfolio Support Center page here.


This exclusive selling feature is one of many tools in Zenfolio’s Advanced Plan. If you have a Starter or Pro Plan, log into your account and upgrade today to take advantage of all of the perks that come with the Advanced Plan!

Happy Selling!

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Zenfolio partners with the British Institute of Professional Photography http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/zenfolio-partners-with-the-british-institute-of-professional-photography

Zenfolio is proud to announce our latest partner, the British Institute of Professional Photography! A partnership founded on mutual interest, BIPP and Zenfolio share the common vision of providing photographers with the essential tools and training needed to be successful.

Founded in 1901, the BIPP began with a core aim of supporting photographers and enabling them to be the best that they could be. In 2016 this hasn’t changed, and today the BIPP is internationally recognised as one of the leading qualifying bodies for professional photographers.

A non-profit organisation, BIPP provides education and professional development for photographers by offering a challenging three-tier qualification program along with training courses, events and a number of preferential deals on useful products and services. With members worldwide across every discipline of photography, BIPP also works with a number of colleges, including the Defence School of Photography and the College of Policing, to ensure the future of the professional photographic industry.

Through BIPP’s three-tier qualification program, qualified members progress from Licentiate, to Associate, to Fellow, with a Fellowship being considered one of the highest accolades a professional photographer can achieve. With each qualification tier comes an added degree of respect and recognition among peers, while assuring potential clients that they are hiring one of the best photographers available.


Credit: David Wheeler FBIPP


Save 50% on a Portfolio Review!

In celebration of our new partnership, we are pleased to be able to offer a 50% discount on portfolio reviews, exclusively for Zenfolio members.

Portfolio reviews are 45-50 minute informal appointments with BIPP Assessors, taking place in-person as one-to-one appointments all over the UK. In a portfolio review, the photographer brings 40 low resolution images on a laptop or tablet, to go through with a BIPP Assessor. The Assessor will provide tips and input on where their work might sit within the BIPP qualification structure, offering valuable input to help them with their next steps toward becoming an accredited photographer.  

To book a portfolio review with your exclusive 50% discount, call the BIPP office on 01296 642020 or email jane@bipp.com, quoting ZenfolioReview.

Note: since Portfolio Reviews are pre-booked appointments they are subject to availability.


Credit: Bryn Griffiths FBIPP


Says Chris Harper FBIPP (BIPP Chief Executive) on our exciting new partnership:

“The BIPP has a great tradition of working with our partners within photography.  We do this to strengthen the profession and to offer the very best products and services to our members.  I’m delighted that Zenfolio has joined us as a BIPP Partner and I look forward to working with their team so we can, together, offer a series of real benefits to the professional photographers we are here to support.”


To learn more about the BIPP, visit their website.

(ZenBlog) BIPP British Institute of Professional Photography UK Zenfolio association partner partnership photography professional photography http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/zenfolio-partners-with-the-british-institute-of-professional-photography Wed, 24 Aug 2016 09:31:51 GMT
Modern Buying Trends: A Marketer's Insight http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/modern-buying-trends-a-marketers-insight


You’ve probably all heard of the seven ‘Ps’ of marketing: Place, Promotion, Process, Physical evidence, Product, Price and People. But with things in marketing changing so quickly, it’s often difficult to keep up with new trends and ideas. And as a one-man band—as is often the case with photographers—it’s even harder to implement them.

You may have a great brand and website, amazing work and many social media followers, but are you focusing your marketing efforts in the right places, where customers are actually active? In fact, do you know how your potential customers are tending to buy?

In this article, I share some of my findings in the hope that they resonate in helping you to better understand the modern buying landscape.


Pro Tips


1) People are becoming flooded with data, so they are looking for a more personal experience and less spammy approach. Break out of silos.

2) People want less ‘quick sell’ and a longer-term relationship with long-term value. They don’t want to be talked at, but talked with. Nurture is a key buzzword in marketing right now.

3) People want a fairer value exchange for handing over of personal data—consumers feel that we should consider it a privilege to have their data.

4) People have an expectation of instant, 360-degree relationship and support—and this will grow in terms of expectation: ever-increasing touch points where customers expect to be served and delighted. In-store, online, mobile, social, smart watches, smart televisions, connected devices, in the car, in the air, and many more are already available or coming quickly.

5) More ad-blocking is coming; it’s big business. So more personalised information that is relevant and targeted to raise engagement to get through this.

6) The mobile platform is going to grow even further, 'by as much as 59% over and above 2015'*, so our content needs to reflect this, and work on it. (*Kaysha Kalkofen, Cofounder, tSunela)

7) As people have so much data, they are looking for trusted sources to help make their decision. Testimonials aren’t always enough, and genuine product heroes with high credibility are becoming much more popular, as are small groups of people who are becoming influencers.

8) Data and its collection and resourcing is the currency of the future.

9) Your marketing needs to be a customer/consumer resource.



It is generally agreed in marketing circles that email—really targeted, educational and personalised email—still has a greater bang for your buck than any other form. The relationship with customer and business has also changed in that many potential clients come to you having fully researched what you offer. In business terms: who is the company and do they like you? The customer knows 85% of what they think they know about you before they have even met you. That puts the power firmly into the hands of the buyer—so they don’t want to be sold to but want to be nurtured to fully understand the value you bring. This makes your USPs all the more important, and the journey you take your customer on is vital.

So, do your research on the places your target customer hangs out in. This means understanding the various platforms and their demographics, and their potential. For example, Facebook users are 76% female and 66% male, and ages 25 to 34 represent 29.7% of all users. As of 2014 stats, 85% of Pinterest usage is female and the top three searches are for planning recipes (37%), home decoration (17%) and a wedding (14%). With 10.4 million UK users, that’s a lot of potential for wedding photographers.



Adam Scorey is a professional photographer, publisher and is the Marketing Manager for One Vision Imaging - award-winning print lab and trusted Zenfolio partner.

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New! Approve Orders from Your iPhone and iPad http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/new-approve-orders-from-your-iphone-and-ipad

Now you can complete sales faster by approving pending orders right from your iPhone or iPad. Use the Zenfolio app to approve orders and send your clients a confirmation on the go.

This functionality will be coming shortly to the Android version of the app as well. If you don’t have the Zenfolio app yet, download it today!

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5 Tips to Get the Most from your Blog http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/5-tips-to-get-the-most-from-your-blog

All Zenfolio accounts include an integrated blog where you can add your own custom content. You can use your blog as a marketing tool, to provide commentary, and keep customers and prospective clients informed of your activities. The blog is also one of the most useful search engine optimization tools included with your Zenfolio account. Here are the top tips to get the most from your blog.


  1. Use keywords in the content of the blog post you’re writing to increase your SEO. The keywords can be a location or the type of photography you are posting. Studies have shown that the ideal length of a blog post to boost SEO is between 300-1,500 words.


  1. When adding photos to your blog post, size your photos to make the best of the maximum space: 944 pixels or 671 pixels wide if you have a blog sidebar showing. You can select the size when adding a photo by clicking Set Layout > Image Size.


  1. When you add a photo to your blog be sure to add a Title, Caption, and Alt Text to the image. While this information does not show on the blog post itself it does provide search engines with useful information about the subject matter of the image, which helps your SEO. Pretend you are describing the image to a person who isn’t looking at it. Search engines will index this information. 



  1. Make sure that you show your RSS feed. This feed allow visitors to subscribe to your Zenfolio galleries and receive updates of newly posted work. You can do this in the Customize Website view by clicking Site Settings > General > Check the box for Show RSS/Atom feeds.


  1. Plan ahead. Write out a plan for the next week or month of blog posts. Prepare your posts ahead of time and schedule the time they will go live using the Schedule Post option. Publish posts in the morning around 8 a.m. or the time that you see the highest traffic on your site. KSchedule your best posts to be published on your highest traffic days. Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be the highest traffic days. Keep future blog posts saved as drafts. 


Once your blog post is live, promote it by sharing to social media. To do this, copy the URL of the blog post and share it on your social media outlets, such as your business Facebook page.


For a complete guide to setting up blog posts, check out this Help Guide article, which features a useful video tutorial.


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Zenfolio Partners with the Master Photographers Association http://blog.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/7/zenfolio-partners-with-the-master-photographers-association As part of Zenfolio's ongoing commitment to providing professional and aspiring photographers with the essential tools and training to reach their goals and be successful, we are proud to announce our latest partner, the Master Photographers Association!

Established in 1952, the MPA is one of the longest standing photographic associations in British history, offering training, mentoring and a qualification program exclusively for professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographers. As internationally recognized leaders in setting the standards of professional photography, the MPA has helped develop some of today’s top professional photographers.

Much like Zenfolio, the MPA is run by photographers, for photographers, and is committed to helping develop professional photographers as well as aspiring photographers who are just starting out. The MPA firmly believes that by educating the ambitious professional, they set the standards for the future of professional photography as well as the present.

Photo credit: Johnson Wee, FMPA and Zenfolio User

With a three-tier qualification system, qualified MPA members progress from Licentiate, to Associate to Fellow, with only a handful of members each year achieving the prestigious Fellowship level. With each level, a photographer commands an added degree of respect and recognition among their peers, while assuring potential clients that they are hiring one of the very best professional photographers around. 

In celebration of our new partnership, Zenfolio members can enjoy an exclusive 2 months free with the MPA! Simply use the code MPAZF16 when enrolling on the MPA website, and see what the MPA can do for you.

To learn more about becoming a Master Photographer and to redeem your free two months, visit the MPA website

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