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2018-07-05T18:36:00Z (C) ZenBlog ZenBlog More New Phone Cases at a Great Base Price!


Are you selling one of the top custom photo gifts that every client could use on the daily?

Everyone under the sun this summer is carrying a smartphone so if you haven’t added these custom phone cases to your price list just yet—it's time! With a few quick clicks add these cases to a price list, set your markup, and assign your price list to one of your shoppable galleries.

We just added the brand new Samsung A9 tough case and the LG G7 case - so don't forget to add those to your price list! Also, because we love you and we want to help increase your profit margins, all iPhone and Galaxy tough phone cases (regular and plus sizes) have been reduced to $25. They are the same great cases, but at a lower base lab price.
We recommend you mark up these phone cases 60% to 80% above the base lab price, for a client price of $40-45. For every phone case you sell, your profit will be $20-$25. Sell five or more and you’ve just profited over $100! Hello cash monies! #makeitrain

Add phone cases to your price list now. But why stop there? Join in on the fun by purchasing and customizing your own case to show off your best work!

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-07-06T15:00:00Z 2018-07-06T15:00:00Z How Olie’s Images Grew Sales 86% By Eliminating Barriers To Buying


Sports photographer Olie Moss has simplified his workflow and reduced barriers to buying, growing Olie's Images 86% from 2015. We asked how he uses Zenfolio to increase his sales.


Tell us about your business.

I started Olie’s Images in 2014 while I was finishing my last year of college and now travel full time around the western United States photographing Team Roping and Barrel Racing events.


How many photos are you taking at a single event?

I photograph between 600 and 2,500 people during a three-day event, 5,000+ for a six-day national event, so I need to upload a lot of images quickly.


Any challenges along the way?

When I first started out, I was using a different online hosting and sales solution. The problem with my old website was the user interface and user experience. It was very hard for my clients and I to use the system. It was clunky and old fashioned, and extremely hard to get my photos online and sell them to clients. Plus, I had to still fulfill the orders, which was difficult with being on the road most of the year.


Zenfolio’s systems to upload are much better, and their UI and UX is cleaner and easier to navigate. It eliminates any barriers to buying.


What’s your selling strategy?

We primarily print photos on site to capture the client’s desire for instant gratification, but we also sell online to reach clients after the events are finished.


Walk us through that process.

At the booth clients can browse through their photos. If they don’t make the purchase at the booth because they are rushing to their next event, we ask them to pick their favorite photo and provide an email address. The client can either come back to the booth to purchase, or after the event is over, log in to the gallery on Zenfolio, and order prints and products at their leisure. I’ve also created a triggered email in Zenfolio, which helps me re-target clients, and I only have to set it up once!​ After nine days, an email automatically goes out that reminds them to place an order of their favorite photo.


Has this been successful?

Since 2015, my first full year of using Zenfolio, I’ve seen my sales increase by 86%.


What’s next for Olie’s Images?

Since using Zenfolio I’ve been able to simplify the proofing and selling process. I'm increasing sales by having a more efficient system, which allows me to take on fewer events and have more free time.


Explore the features that are helping Olie’s Images grow.


Sign Up Now>>

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-05-29T20:02:50Z 2018-05-29T20:02:50Z The Hottest Photo Gifts for Dads and Grads + Last Day to Ship!

There’s no better time than the present to start offering fabulous customizable photo gifts to your customers! It’s dads and grads season, and the products listed below are all the rage. Add them to your price list today and start selling.


  • Customize an iPhone X or Galaxy S9 smartphone case. iphonex-galaxy-s9-phone-case-father-grad-day-photo-gift-productiphonex-galaxy-s9-phone-case-father-grad-day-photo-gift-product

  • Print a canvas value wrap (new!) with a beloved photo. canvas-customize-father-grad-day-zenfolio-photo-gift-productcanvas-customize-father-grad-day-zenfolio-photo-gift-product

  • Design a custom keychain for Dad. keychain-customize-father-grad-day-photo-zenfolio-gift-productkeychain-customize-father-grad-day-photo-zenfolio-gift-product

  • Purchase a mouse pad with your favorite image. mousepad-customize-father-grad-day-photo-zenfolio-gift-productmousepad-customize-father-grad-day-photo-zenfolio-gift-product

  • Display the best moments with a beautiful framed print. framed-print-customize-father-grad-day-zenfolio-photo-gift-productframed-print-customize-father-grad-day-zenfolio-photo-gift-product

  • Create a photo book with special memories as a keepsake. album-customize-father-grad-day-photo-gift-productalbum-customize-father-grad-day-photo-gift-product

  • Customize photo thank you cards for graduates. thank-you-card-customize-father-grad-day-zenfolio-photo-gift-productthank-you-card-customize-father-grad-day-zenfolio-photo-gift-product

Shipping deadlines for Father’s Day:

Economy: June 4th

Standard: June 11th

Expedited: June 13th


Select and add these photo products to your price list today! Don’t forget to remind your clients to place orders before the shipping deadlines.



Not selling yet? Take advantage of your access to base lab prices, and give Dad a personalized photo gift for Father’s Day. You can order straight from your Zenfolio account. BUY NOW >>


ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-05-25T16:01:00Z 2018-05-25T16:01:00Z Limited Time: Doubled Referral Bonuses: Give 20, Get 20


Referrals are a great way to give your friends a discount while putting some extra credits in your pocket. Now, for a limited time, we’re doubling up on the benefits. That means for every referral, they get 20% off their subscription, and you get paid 20% of their sign-up value. Your friends get a great deal, and you get paid!



Q: How do I refer someone?

A: Simply share your referral code on social media, or send it directly to your friends and colleagues.


Q: How many credits can I earn?

A: There’s no limit to how much you can earn!


Q: What can I use my credits on?

A:  Referral credits can be redeemed for your own plan renewal or upgrades, to order prints or photo products, and/or purchase other awesome Zenfolio services.


Q: How long does this promotion last?

A: The double referral bonus will end on August 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PST, so you have the summer to earn as much as you can.


Get Started>>

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-05-14T20:06:26Z 2018-05-14T20:06:26Z Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2018 winners announced!

Praying with Food - Noor Ahmed Gelal (Bangladesh)Praying with Food - Noor Ahmed Gelal (Bangladesh)Breaking the fast in congregation. A section of the Hindu community is preparing to break the daylong fast in one of the local temples at SWAMIBAG, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They believe their fasting will redeem their sins.

On April 24, 2018, the winners of the seventh annual Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year awards were announced at a packed Taittinger Champagne reception at the Mall Galleries, London—hosted by legendary TV presenter and chef Prue Leith.

This year’s Overall Winner was Bangladeshi photographer Noor Ahmed Gelal for his magnificent image Praying with Food (shown above), depicting the breaking of a day-long fast at a Hindu temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Gelal was presented with the £5,000 prize by Andy Macdonald, who heads up Pink Lady® in the UK—headline sponsor of the awards.

“The competition was fierce,” says Macdonald. “There were 8,000 images entered from 60 countries, and the standard was exceptional. Noor’s shot stood out from the rest in its category, however, for the way in which he made the subject matter so fascinating and distinctive.”

This year’s Outstanding Achievement Award was picked up by Martin Parr—one of the world’s greatest social documentary photographers—whose work shows food in its cultural place in society. Martin was presented with his award by Frances Morris, Director of Tate Britain.

Tiree Dawson Food For the FamilyBreakfast in Philip The Motorhome - Tiree Dawson (UK)

Zenfolio Ambassador Tiree Dawson also made the finals again this year in the Food for the Family category with her image Breakfast in Philip the Motorhome (shown above), but was pipped to the post by category winner Guillaume Flandre with his image Family Dinner. Says Tiree:

“I was so pleased to have an image selected for the final of this prestigious competition for the second year running. The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year is a great competition, well organised with a wide variety of talent. So many competitions in the industry these days are more like popularity contests, which rely more on attracting votes through your network rather than being judged on talent. With this award the decisions are made by a highly skilled panel of judges representing a wide cross section of the world of food production, cookery, photography and press. It was a real honour to see my image up there in the Mall Galleries!”

A selection of finalist images was on display at the Mall Galleries in a free exhibition running from April 25-29, with all prints produced by our friends at One Vision Imaging. While nothing can beat seeing images in print, if you missed the exhibition you can enjoy a slide show of some of the winning images below:

If you think you have what it takes to win the £5,000 prize, enter next year’s contest. Entries open July 2018!

To learn more, visit

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-05-11T08:00:15Z 2018-05-11T08:00:15Z Safeguard Your Images with Zenfolio Copyright Protection Service


Trade in your next latte for turnkey image protection!

Tired of others using your photos online without your permission? Feeling a little lost as to what to do next? Get peace of mind knowing your images are protected from theft with the new Zenfolio Copyright Protection Service. With this add-on service, you’ll learn where and how your photos are being used online, and when applicable, we’ll pursue legal action against unauthorized use on your behalf.

zenfolio copyright photo protection service blogzenfolio copyright photo protection service blog

How It Works

  1. We automatically scan your public photos on your Zenfolio site.

  2. You’ll learn where and how your images were used online via email alerts.

  3. Simply submit unauthorized uses with just one click. Our lawyers file a claim and resolve cases on your behalf.

  4. You get paid your share from claim resolutions, and funds go directly to your Zenfolio account.


Sign up today and lock in this limited-time introductory price: 

$8 $4/mo ($96 $48 billed annually)

Sign Me Up >>


For frequently asked questions, click here.


ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-04-30T16:00:00Z 2018-04-30T16:00:00Z How Oliver Photography Grew Sales by 1500% with Zenfolio's E-Commerce Tools

Tell us about your business.

Our studio, Oliver Photography, has been in business since 1996. We’re located in Louisville, Colorado, and specialize in school, sports, and portrait photography. We photograph more than 150 clients per year, and our year-over-year sales were outstanding. We went from generating $2k - $5k in sales pre-2016 to $80,000 in 2017—a 1500% increase!


How did you achieve this growth?

We’ve been using Zenfolio for our client proofing and e-commerce for years, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2016 that we eliminated paper order forms and took our school and sports business completely online.


Using paper order forms was a clunky, painful process. We would bring the forms to the school office. Next, the office took them to the homeroom teachers, and the teachers passed them out to students. Then the students gave the forms to their parents who filled them out and gave them back to the students. Finally, the students brought the completed forms back to school where we would collect them. A lot can get lost in that process.


With online ordering, we don’t have to worry about late forms or bounced checks. Plus, it’s a great convenience for our clients​. ​If a customer calls, we can easily see who has placed an order and what specific package and products they purchased.


Any challenges along the way?

Our biggest issues involved the backend work with teams and schools. It was overwhelming to manage that many schools, students, teams, and images. Since using Zenfolio we’ve been able to continually streamline our process, creating less work and saving us time.


Do you have an example of how Zenfolio saved you time?

We recently photographed an Army ROTC event and used zero offline processes. The only data we collected was each attendee’s email address. That same night we were able to post all the images to Zenfolio and email a gallery link to each person. The email template in Zenfolio is customizable, so we were able to communicate that they had 24 hours to place an order. It was just brainless getting the word out. Once folks could see their photos it was easy for them to choose products and check out.


We​ were amazed to see that our sales from that event tripled from the previous year​. I think the immediate availability of the photos, plus the limited time to order created a lot of excitement and made a huge difference to our sales.


Explore the features that are helping Oliver Photography grow. Free Consultation>>

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-04-24T15:58:05Z 2018-04-24T15:58:05Z 7 Must-Have Photo Gifts for Mother’s Day


Now’s the time to start offering your clients these 7 Must-Have Custom Photo Gifts for Mom before the last shipping deadline for Mother’s Day! With a few clicks, your customers can easily purchase the perfect sentimental gift.

  1. Customize an iPhone X or Galaxy S9 Smartphone Case


  1. Make morning coffee or afternoon tea personal with a Photo Mug


  1. Pull at mom’s heart strings with a NEW! Picture-Perfect Jewelry Box


  1. Give the perfect keepsake with a timeless Photo Album


  1. Dress up any home with a wall-worthy Canvas Gallery Wrap


  1. Display the family with a classic Framed and Matted Prints


  1. Throw joy into the decor mix with a  FUN-ctional Photo Note Cube  


Mother's Day Shipping Deadlines:

  • Economy Shipping - May 1st

  • Standard Shipping- May 4th

  • Expedited Shipping- May 9th


Don’t let your clients miss out on the opportunity to purchase these fabulous items for Mom this Mother’s Day! Add these products to your price list now and remind your clients to place an order for these custom photo products before it's too late! ADD NOW >>


Not selling yet? Take advantage of your access to base lab prices and gift Mom a personalized photo gift before the last day to ship deadline. You can order straight from your Zenfolio account. BUY NOW >>

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-04-23T20:35:05Z 2018-04-23T20:35:05Z Sell 5 Tough Phone Cases and Profit $100+


Base Lab Price Decrease: All Tough Cases, Now $25

Same great phone cases, new lower (base) price!

In an effort to help increase your profit margins, all iPhone and Galaxy tough phone cases (regular and plus sizes) have been reduced to $25. They are the same great cases, but at a lower base lab price. Cha-ching! But wait—there’s more! Galaxy S9 Tough Cases are now available for you to offer to your clients, too. After all, most everyone has a phone case. Why not use it to feature a fabulous photo?

If you already have these phone cases in your price lists, you will now make up to $9 more on every case you sell without lifting a finger.

Not selling phone cases yet? It's easy! Add them to your price list with just a few clicks. Add your markups and assign your price list to your shoppable gallery.

We recommend you mark up these phone cases 60% to 80% above the base lab price, for a client price of $40-45. And, viola! For every phone case you sell, your profit will be $20-$25. Sell five or more and you’ve just profited over $100.
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so there’s no better time to add these and other photo gifts to your price list and send them off to clients. The shipping deadline for Mother’s Day is May 1, so add them today!



ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-04-20T21:00:00Z 2018-04-20T21:00:00Z Picture More Sales with Green Screen


Give your clients more choices and they’ll find more reasons to buy. With an Advanced or High-Volume plan, you can use Green Screen to allow your clients to pick their ideal background after the photos have been taken. Whether your client is buying a premium background, or the same pose with two different backgrounds, more options mean more sales.


How can Green Screen increase your sales?

  1. Offer a selection of backgrounds for free and others for a small fee.

  2. Let your clients know that you offer this service, so they can buy more of the photos they love.

  3. Unlock a la cart items with the purchase of a different background for the same pose.

  4. If you offer multiple poses, suggest clients purchase each pose with a different background.

  5. Announce new backgrounds with a promotional discount to encourage reorders for occasions and holiday gifting.


Here’s how to set it up

  1. The Cutout - The cutout is an image that is photographed in front of a green background. You’ll then digitally remove the green background to make the cutout remnant.  Save each image as a .png file and upload it to your Zenfolio account.


Uploading cutouts is as easy as uploading photos. Simply select the cutouts you want to upload and then check the box “Apply as Cutouts.”  This will specify that all .png files that are part of the upload will be designated as cutouts.


  1. The Background. The background will be applied behind the cutout.


Zenfolio provides five default backgrounds that you can offer to your clients. You can also upload your own backgrounds for your clients to choose from. You can offer all backgrounds free of charge, or keep most free but select a few “premium” backgrounds and offer them at a small fee (our recommendation).


five default backgroundsfive default backgrounds


Seamless integration with our e-commerce

The client buying experience is simple. Your clients view their photos and select their background(s). If you are charging for some backgrounds, there’s no need to add the cost to your price list. Your client will see the fee as soon as they apply it to their photo. Next, your clients select their packages, add-on items, or a la carte products, and add them to the shopping cart for checkout.


Learn more about Green Screen in this support article.


This feature is available in all countries in English only.

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-03-26T19:46:17Z 2018-03-26T19:46:17Z Zenfolio wins Best Photo Website Provider award once again!

We are thrilled to announce that Zenfolio has picked up Best Photo Website Provider in the Photography News Gear of the Year awards — for the fourth year running!

Photography News is part of Bright Publishing, one of the largest publication houses in the UK, with a monthly readership of 50,000 passionate photographers. Each year the readership votes on their favorite products and services in an independent voting process, proving that Zenfolio is the go-to service for professional photographers year after year. 

Arnaud Collin (Zenfolio CEO) being presented with the award by William Cheung (Editor: Photography News)

We collected the award at this year's Photography Show (above) where we were also proud to be presenting the Super Stage, hosting some legends of the photography world who shared their expertise and stories. 

It's an honor to be recognized and know we're providing an easy-to-use service that helps photographers showcase and sell their work beautifully, freeing up time for them to shoot great photos and run a successful online photography business. 

We had a great time at The Photography Show and are already looking forward to next year! Here are a few pictures from the show.

We hope to see you there next year!



ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-03-26T18:12:22Z 2018-03-26T18:12:22Z Image Downloading: More Options. More Convenience.


Back in October, we announced a time-saving way for your clients to download large numbers of photos from your website. Instead of waiting for large files to process, the system bundled all the photos together into a Zip file. When the Zip file was ready, your clients received a download link via email.

While this option works for many clients, some of you let us know that you missed a more immediate download experience. So, with you and your clients in mind, we have updated our image-download process.

If your client is downloading two images or more, the system will place the images into a Zip file(s). A dialogue box will appear, giving your clients two options. They can either download each Zip file immediately by clicking the link, or request that the system send them an email with the Zip files that they can download at their convenience. Emails typically arrive in just a few minutes, and this option allows your clients to continue navigating your site while the system bundles the photos in the background.

AMD2 Blog_3AMD2 Blog_3

AMD2 Blog_4AMD2 Blog_4

If your clients are downloading only one image, the download will happen immediately. The system will not prompt your client to enter their email address to deliver the images at a later time.

This support article provides more information about the new download process.

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-03-19T15:38:31Z 2018-03-19T15:38:31Z 5 Business Tips for Travel and Destination Wedding Photography




by Laura Grier


The most important part about being able to do your job while traveling the globe is to make sure you have everything you need, because if your camera runs out of battery on the high plains of the Serengeti, you will be up a creek without a paddle. I find that I don’t need much gear to create most natural light shots, but I do recommend having a few portable lighting and gear options on hand just in case. This article offers five useful tips on packing gear and how to be prepared when you find yourself in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.


Pack Light and Bring All of Your Gear in a Carry on


I can’t stress how important it is to never check any of your photo gear when you travel on a plane. Your bags can easily be misplaced, stolen, or handled roughly. If you end up needing to sprint to make your connection, having everything in a compact bag is super important. I love Lowepro bags. I usually have a roller bag that is small enough to be a carry on and fits my laptop, two cameras, four lenses, two flashes, and all of my cords. Sitting on top of that I have another backpack or smaller travel photo bag with portable lighting and adaptors in it. I use one bag while hiking and shooting, and the other bag is mainly for transport on planes. The other important reason to keep your gear in a compact carry on is that going through customs with a ton of camera and lighting equipment can incur extra fees and hassle. Less is better when you are going through security.


Back Up Your Work Twice


I back things up in more than one place while I am traveling and keep back ups in two different places at least. I also bring two of everything in case something gets damaged or lost. When I am shooting I always back up my cards to my laptop, as well as a portable, shock-resistant, water-resistant hard drive (LaCie Rugged Mini Hard Drive) that doesn’t need to be plugged in to power, and also also online on Zenfolio (if the Internet is decent enough). I also take it a step further and keep the hard drive somewhere different than my photo equipment—in case that bag ever gets stolen, the photos still exist there and online.


Always Have Power


It is crazy how much every facet of our lives depends on having power, Internet, and charged devices. My business ceases completely if my cell phone or camera dies, so making sure you have power and extra backup power is paramount on a destination shoot. Always bring a charged, portable cell phone battery bank to make sure your phone is ready to capture photos and video clips for social media stories throughout your travels. I usually shoot 10-second, vertical videos of what I am doing throughout the day in addition to photos, and then when I am sitting somewhere later on with good Internet connection, I upload the story all at once. I usually don’t have the time as I am working to be tagging and uploading stories to my social media. Most of the time the places I travel to don’t have great Internet, so once you are back in your hotel or at a restaurant waiting for your lunch, you can post your social media stories in a relaxed setting.


I also love the editing app Snapseed, which has changed the way I post to social media. Now that I have the capability to edit my cell phone photos with similar saturation and style to the professional images from my Canon 5D Mark IV, I am not afraid to post to social media straight from my cell phone. It is important to make sure the work you are putting out is consistent, so always make sure you are editing your photos with a similar style no matter what medium you are using.

030 (1)030 (1)

Bring Portable, Battery-Powered, Waterproof Lighting and Gear


I am not an underwater photographer, but I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself waist deep in the ocean shooting surrounded by boats, sharks, stingrays… you name it. Other times I have found myself hiking through a river or waterfall in a jungle to get to a location, or it starts pouring rain, or I suddenly have to shoot in a cave. In all of these scenarios, I have had to bring portable, waterproof gear. My go-to camera in these scenarios is a GoPro HERO5 with both underwater casings and the underwater dome that allows you to shoot with clarity simultaneously in the air and underwater. Also, having selfie sticks and other adaptors can really supplement your shoots in a jam. Having a waterproof bib or jacket for your lenses, bag and camera are a must—stash them in your backpack.


I also love my Stella 2000 portable light that is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and can withstand repeated 1 meter drops on concrete. On full strength it’s battery power can last for almost an hour and fits in the palm of my hand.


Finally, I always have two Canon 600 flashes with me and a small Canon Speedlite Transmitter that can slave or trigger the flashes off camera. I have a Rapid Box Octa Softbox that is lightweight, can fold up, and can attach to any Canon flash and create and instant battery-powered, studio softbox on location that can fit in a small pouch. Couple this with a MeFOTO GlobeTrotter travel-sized lightweight tripod, and you can “Transformers-style” convert it into a monopod or an extender stick to hold your softbox light. All of this fits into a backpack and can create on the fly studio lighting in the most unforgiving, remote places on Earth!


Speak the Language


Make sure you have Google Translate and WhatsApp on your phone. I cannot tell you how many times Google Translate has saved my life while traveling or on photo shoots to communicate with models, get things ordered or delivered, book guides and activities, or just to understand signs and what you are ordering on a menu. Make sure you download the languages you will need when you have Wi-Fi, because you always seem to need translations the most in places where there is zero Wi-Fi. Over the past few years, Google Translate has become so advanced that not only can you scan a sign or take a photo of something and instantly translate the words into any language, but you can also record or speak into the phone or even used good old-fashioned handwriting on the screen of your phone to get instant visual and audio translations! Also, everyone uses WhatsApp to send photos and videos without compression, call, text or video message anywhere in the world for free. You can also use it to book excursions in most places. So chat away all you want in any language you want via WhatsApp and Google Translate and gain a ton of new friends!








ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-03-12T16:01:00Z 2018-03-12T16:01:00Z Increase Sales with Our Effortless Album Design Service


Do you want to offer your clients beautiful photo albums but don't have the time to make them? Are you making albums but can't keep up with the demand? Consider using Zenfolio’s Album Design Service.

Instead of you going through the page-by-page process of creating an album, our professional designers work directly with your clients, on your behalf, through the entire process—from selecting images, to page design, all the way to the product fulfillment. It’s free to enroll. You simply enable the service through the Selling section of your Dashboard.



  • Ordering made easy: We select the photos and professionally design the album for you and your client.

  • Client satisfaction: Your client reviews and has final approval of photos and designs.

  • Options for every budget: Your clients can choose either a Premium Album or a budget-friendly Value Album that start as low as $100 plus a $50 design fee. Both offer stunning, keepsake quality.  

  • More referrals. When your client shows their album to friends and family, it helps promote your brand and photography business.

  • Photographer commission: You’ll receive 20% commission on every shipped order!


Simple Setup

After you have enrolled into the FREE service, your clients won’t see the Album Design Service in their galleries until you have taken the following steps.

  1. Create the gallery for your clients with at least 40 print-ready images.

  2. Assign a price list to the gallery—it’s not necessary to add any specific products to the price list to use the Album Design Service.

From there, be sure to contact your clients and let them know that their images are ready to be viewed in their gallery. To start an album order, they can click on the Buy button and choose Album Design Service. We handle the rest, and you’ll get 20% commission when your client places an order.


Learn more about the client experience in this Support article.


Control Your Pricing -- Sell as Self-Fulfilled

If you would rather be involved in the process, you can still use the service to make albums for your clients and control the pricing. Simply pay the $50 design fee, choose the photos, review and approve the layout created by our designers, and pay for the final order. Once the album is ordered, you can sell it to your client as a self-fulfilled item at your desired price.

Save on a Sample Album!

The best way to sell an album is to show an album. With wedding season and graduation coming up, make sure you have a physical sample album to show your clients during your in-person consultation or client viewing session. You can receive 50% off your first sample album order, and collect a 20% commission on the order!

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-02-02T20:18:56Z 2018-02-02T20:18:56Z 4 SEO Mistakes Photographers Make

SEO Errors (Header)SEO Errors (Header)

by Taylor McGregor


Are you wanting to attract new visitors and clients to your website? It can be tough to navigate the world of search engine optimization (SEO), but we’re here to help. Here, we cover the four SEO mistakes that photographers make so that you can avoid them.


1. Relying Solely on Images


While it’s important to have Search turned on for your images to help ensure they show up in Google Image search, it’s just as important to add text to your pages. Search engines like Google and Bring prioritize text—the more text they have to crawl and cache, the better your site tends to do in rankings for their preferred keywords.


Be sure to add metadata information like titles, descriptions, keywords and alt text. Be as descriptive about each of your images as you can. Read our help guide to learn more about updating your photo and gallery details.


In order for information like the titles, descriptions and keywords to get catalogued by search engines, you need to make sure your gallery and photo pages are set to display this information publicly. If the text is hidden, then it will not be visible to search engines.


If you do not want to make any text visible, we recommend at least providing information in the Alt Text box. This will not be visible to your visitors but can be read by screen readers (assistive programs for the visually impaired) and search engines.


2. Not Using Unique Keywords and Phrases


When adding text and keywords to your site, don’t use common phrases like “Wedding Photography” or “Landscape Photographer,” otherwise you’ll be competing against many larger, established brands.


Instead, choose a less common search term that is more specific to your photography business like “Denver Wedding Photographer” or “Santa Cruz Landscape Photographer.” Focusing on phrases that include your specialty as well as your region can boost your chances of being found in searches.


For example, most prospective wedding clients are not going to type “Wedding Photographers” but rather are more likely to type “[X Area] Wedding Photographers” or “Wedding Photographers in [X Area]” to filter their results. A client in England most likely isn’t going to want to see results for photographers in Canada. Select keywords that the clients you’re trying to attract are most likely to use in their search.


If you need guidance on how to form an SEO strategy based on specific keywords, we recommend talking with a SEO consultant or service for more assistance. Feel free to check out RAWSEO, a SEO consultant that has a very good understanding of Zenfolio SEO tools.


3. Not Regularly Producing Content


Sites that are constantly producing content tend to rank higher, so the more content you add (such as images, videos and blog posts) the more available information Google has to crawl. One of the best ways to keep your site updated is by blogging. This is a great way to share your images as well as add additional text.


Blogs can be especially great for studio photographers, who may be adding a lot of images to their site but keeping them restricted to just clients. In addition to updating your public portfolio, a blog is one way to highlight recent shoots that can be shared publicly.


Another advantage of having a blog is that it can showcase your specialty and professional knowledge. Need help getting started with a blog? Here are some resources on getting your blog set up and creating your first blog post:


• How to blog—creating a new blog post in Zenfolio (video)

• Configuring your Blog Presentation (Help Guide article)


We also recommend checking out our post on the Best Blog Tips & Practices.


4. Not Marketing Your Work


Using the SEO tools provided by Zenfolio is a great way to maximize your search engine rankings, but it does not catapult your site straight to the top overnight. You also need to market your work.


Here are some recommendations on how to market your site and increase traffic flow to your site.


  • Get Listed. If you’re a studio or an event photographer, it have your website (or company) included in listings like Photographer Central, Yelp, Wedding Wire, etc.




  • Be Enticing. Give people an incentive to visit your site! Sales, coupons, contests and raffles are fantastic tools to draw people into your site. You can also send out gallery invites and marketing emails to help market your site and keep people up to date on the latest. Our video on Advertising for the Holidays provides helpful suggestions and resources on how to communicate sales on your site using banners and coupons.


Effective SEO can really boost your business. By following this advice on what to do and what not to do, you’ll be taking the right steps to draw more people to your site.



Taylor McGregor, a native of Silicon Valley, is a customer service representative at Zenfolio. She has a BFA in photography and graphic design. Her passions are photography, the great outdoors and racking up frequent flier miles.

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2018-01-22T20:15:32Z 2018-01-22T20:15:32Z Video: How to Sell Your Photos Online


Have you set up your shop and created a price list in your Zenfolio account? This short video shows you how to easily create a price list and more in a few minutes.

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2017-11-22T20:07:03Z 2017-11-22T20:07:03Z Holiday 2017 Shipping Deadlines

Holiday-Shipping-Deadlines_BLOG HEADERHoliday-Shipping-Deadlines_BLOG HEADER

The busy shopping and shipping season is here! Following are a few tips and a list of shipping deadlines from our lab partners to help ensure timely delivery of your clients’ photos and gifts.


Requesting Changes and Cancellations

Our partner labs work extra hard during the holiday season—often printing, packaging, and shipping an order the same day it’s placed. This means that any request for changes needs to be sent within minutes of placing an order or it might not be caught in time.


Approving Orders

Although enabling “Pending Order Approval” in your price list allows you to review orders and make changes before the orders are sent for printing, it also delays sending the orders to the lab. Orders are not submitted for printing until you approve them, so we suggest reviewing and approving all orders as quickly as possible.


Shipping Deadlines

For your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of recommended deadline dates for each of our integrated vendors; most based on arriving before December 25th. Please keep in mind that orders must be placed and approved before the cutoff dates to be delivered in time for the holidays.


US Labs

Millers logoMillers logo mpixpro logompixpro logo mpix logompix logo

Mpix, a division of Miller’s Professional Imaging, delivers professional quality prints using only the best materials and packaging. MpixPro offers a variety of high-end products such as photo books, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, and calendars. To add an elegant touch to your clients’ holiday orders, we recommend choosing MpixPro’s Boutique Packaging shipping method (available for Premium Business and Advanced users only).


Ordering past the Dec 8th deadline?

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* Need this order before December 25th? If so, we strongly encourage you to select Priority shipping. Priority shipping uses UPS for quick delivery and simple order tracking to offer peace of mind that your order will arrive in time for the holidays. It is not uncommon for Standard shipping to experience longer delivery times during the holiday season, sometimes up to 10 additional business days.


Ordering past the Dec 12th deadline?

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* Need this order before December 25th? If so, we strongly encourage you to select Overnight shipping. Overnight shipping uses UPS for quick delivery and simple order tracking to offer peace of mind that your order will arrive in time for the holidays.


Zenfolio Album Design Service offers high-quality, custom designed albums for your clients without the hard work. We work directly with your clients on your behalf and you receive a commission on each order.



The cut off for holiday orders is November 27th. All orders will need to be submitted to production no later than 11:59 PST on 11/27.

Zen Photo Products US_IYPZen Photo Products US_IYP

Zenfolio Photo Products US delivers the highest-quality photo merchandising in partnership with vendors in the US who deliver the latest imaging and transfer technologies on a variety of surfaces such as T-shirts, mugs, and key chains.


Zenfolio Phone CasesZenfolio Phone Cases

fotoflot logofotoflot logo

fotoflōt products are an elegant way to display photos without frames. Your clients are sure to be impressed by the innovative magnetic mounting system, which allows you to avoid glare and enables you to swap photos in seconds.  

Shipping via USPS Priority within the USA is included in product prices.


Canadian Labs


Pikto is the premier Canadian lab. It sources the best papers, inks, and printers to meet every photographer's high expectations. Pikto offers a wide variety of products, including photo prints, Giclée prints, canvas wraps, and plexi face mounts.



European Labs


Picto (France) After 65 years of enthusiasm and a close bond with creators and photographers, Picto is known for its experience, built on know-how passed down from generation to generation. This gives the company a certain advantage, particularly among photographers, galleries, museums and collectors.


  • We recommend placing orders 10 days before the delivery date (for a delivery in France).

  • As Dec. 24th is a Sunday, the last delivery day before Christmas is Friday Dec. 22nd.

  • The deadline to ensure on-time delivery is Dec. 12th.


One Vision Imaging, one of the largest professional labs in the UK, provides professional photographers with the highest standards of processing and finishing.


Zenfolio EuropeZenfolio Europe

Zenfolio Photo Products Europe delivers the highest quality photo merchandising in partnership with state of the art labs who deliver beautiful prints as well as the latest imaging and transfer technologies on a variety of surfaces including acrylic, canvas, and metals.




Australian Labs

nulabnulab nushotsnushots

Nulab and NuShots offer Australia and New Zealand customers with high-quality prints, canvas wraps, wall clings, and acrylic prints.



  • Nulab Group will be closed Friday 22/12/2017 at 12pm and re-open at 8:30am on Monday, January 8, 2018.

  • Please plan accordingly for peak Holiday courier schedules and allow for plenty of time for parcel delivery.

  • Last recommended ship day for interstate and New Zealand clients is Wednesday 20/12/2017

  • Last recommended ship day for Victoria clients is Thursday 21/12/2015

  • Local pick-ups can be made until 12pm Friday 22/12/2017

  • The above dates are to be used as guides for ordering specific products & services.

  • Orders must be received by 12pm (midday) on the day listed. If your order requires retouching please allow three extra days.

  • Please note Nulab will continue to take your orders submitted via the internet during the Holiday Season. Orders will be printed on a first come – first serve basis once the lab re-opens.


*Please note that not all labs are available in all markets and at all plan levels.

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2017-11-17T17:10:37Z 2017-11-17T17:10:37Z Tips to Sleigh the Season


The holiday season is the best time of year to boost your business. With a little preplanning you can take advantage of the many products and services that Zenfolio has to offer—so that you can stress less and profit more.


✓ Rerelease Expired Galleries

Making your clients’ photos available again allows you to suggest photo products as holiday gifts. Once you’ve rereleased an expired gallery, send a gallery invitation via email to alert your clients. If their gallery will only be available during the holidays, use the built-in expiring galleries feature to communicate a sense of urgency to clients so that they place their orders in time for holiday delivery.


✓ Add Templated Products to Your Price Lists

Almost any photo session you had during the year has the potential to become a holiday gift. Ensure that your clients can order photo gifts from you and not someplace else by adding popular holiday items to your price lists. These items include holiday cards, calendars, photo books, and cell phone cases, as well as home decor items such as gallery wraps and aluminum prints. Additionally, small items like key chains, coasters, and playing cards make memorable stocking stuffers.


✓ Offer Product and Print Discounts

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two biggest shopping events of the year. With Zenfolio’s built-in coupon feature, you can offer a percentage-off or dollars-off sale on orders placed during a specific time frame—make sure the offer end date allows your clients enough time to get their orders in for holiday delivery. Don't forget to set an order minimum and make sure that your price list markup can sustain the discount you're offering. Coupons are easy to create, and with a gallery invitation you can email your clients about the sale directly from your website. ​​Consider sending a reminder email the day before the coupon expires. The time pressure may bring in additional orders.

You can also provide your loyal clients with gift certificate that they can use to pay for photos and products sold through your site.


✓ Remind Clients About Shipping Deadlines

A friendly reminder email, sent at least a week before the deadline for standard shipping, ensures your clients know your deadlines for placing orders, and it can help drive additional sales. Shipping deadlines for all Zenfolio partner labs are listed for easy reference.


✓  Promote Sales with a Promotional Header and Banner

Custom headers and gallery banners are great ways to promote a sale, highlight a product, and remind your visitors to buy during the holiday shopping season.

When you run a promotion, you can use your website header to display the sale information. The size of the graphic depends on your page layout, but we've found a graphic that measures 1550 pixels wide x 240 pixels tall works well on most sites. A custom header is added in Customize Website view.


body copy imagebody copy image

A custom banner can appear on your homepage, group or gallery pages. This graphic will be displayed below your website header and can be between 200 to 800 pixels in height. Your banner can be added under the Page Elements tab in options in Customize Website view.


✓ Free Marketing Program

If you have a Pro or Advanced account, you can take advantage of Zenfolio’s Free Marketing program to  help you drive sales during special occasions and holidays. When you enroll in a free campaign, we do all the work for you to encourage your clients to purchase prints and product fom your galleries. We create a coupon code in your account and manage the email communications to your clients on your behalf as though you were sending the promotions yourself. To help you promote the sale, we also create social media graphics that you can instantly share on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

Our 2017 holiday program is quickly coming to a close, but you have until November 17 to enroll in the last Holiday Wrap Up campaign. Enrolling in this campaign will also auto-enroll you in the 2018 campaigns.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2017-11-17T15:59:16Z 2017-11-17T15:59:16Z The Lowdown on Photo Downloading


If you allow visitors and clients to download photos from your Zenfolio site, then we’ve got some great news. We’ve improved the way your clients download large numbers of photos, all at once, from your website.


When downloading multiple photos, they will be bundled together into one Zip file. When the download is ready, your client will receive an email with the link (or links) through which the images can be downloaded. Because of this, the system now requests an email address when the client initiates a download from your site for multiple photos. The email address is used only for sending them the requested images, and not for any other purposes.


With this improved process, your clients don’t need to wait by their computers during the download. This change is great for clients with slow or erratic internet connections and assures they receive their downloads with fewer chances of errors and failures.


These changes apply to multi-image downloads only— single image downloads are not changing. The improved download process currently applies to gallery downloads, and will be implemented for digital order downloads by the end of October.


This support article provides more information about the new download process.

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2017-10-03T19:04:10Z 2017-10-03T19:04:10Z NEW iPhone 8 Cases! Available Now


If you're a photographer in the US or Europe, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus phone cases are available to purchase from your Zenfolio account. Our high-quality, lifetime-guaranteed phone cases offer premium protection and are customizable, so you and your clients can personalize them with your favorite photos.

There are two different styles available for the iPhone 8 models—Folio and ToughCase—and all cases are made using the highest quality materials, inks, coatings, and decoration processes available. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these cases are created using processes that embed inks underneath coatings so they last longer, resist scratches, and don’t fade or rub off easily. A three-step quality control process ensures a consistently great product that you—and your clients—can show off to the world.


Folio Case


This case offers an inspired way to express individuality while providing full-frontal screen protection and interior storage pockets. Decorated with high-resolution artwork that seamlessly covers both the front and back, the Folio becomes your clients’ personal art canvas. Printed artwork is not only high quality and sharp, it’s also clear-coated with a dual-layer satin finish that resists damage, scuffs, fading, and transfer of ink. A clear shell case protects the phone and attaches to the folio with an adhesive strip on the interior. This solution locks the phone in place, provides cover around the edges of the phone, and does so without leaving residue on the device.


Tough Case




Vibrant hi-res imagery blends together with a clear, protective finish to prevent scratches, blurring, and fading. An interior layer helps protect devices against mild shocks and impacts to deliver a gorgeous and sturdy case that reflects your client’s style and personality.

Phone cases are big sellers, and with the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to add cases to your price lists so they’re available for your clients to order as gifts for friends, family, or themselves.

ZenBlog (C) ZenBlog 2017-09-28T16:08:00Z 2017-09-28T16:08:00Z