Jeff Cable Goes Behind the Scenes at the Olympics!

July 26, 2016
Sports and event photographer Jeff Cable has shot every Olympics since 2008, and we are excited to announce that he’ll be sharing behind the scenes photos from the 2016 S...
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New: Vibrant, Durable Aluminum Art!

July 25, 2016
Show off your photos in a new, contemporary way with Aluminum Art from Zenfolio Photo Products US. These l ightweight, waterproof aluminum prints are created using a dye-...
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Shopping Beta is Paused

July 22, 2016
After three weeks of testing by thousands of intrepid photographers, we are putting the Shopping Beta on pause as of July 22, 2016 in order to make improvements. Over...
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Top Zenfolio Site Design Examples

July 15, 2016
This article is a follow up to our blog post Top Tips for Designing a Successful Website. Your website is key to the success of your business, and having a good site d...
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Try Our New Shopping Beta Experience

July 08, 2016
We are very excited to announce the beta launch of the start of a new shopping experience. Thanks to the feedback that many of you gave us over the past several months, w...
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